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Location: Dublin,Ireland I moved the boat forward by putting a few bits of pipe under the building frame and just rolled it out, next I added two 8 foot lengths of 4x2 to the boat to use as handles and to keep it off the ground.
Sorry no photo of the turn as my hands were full, but with the help of 3 mates we got her on her side then lifted it up from the bottom and over she went. Went in fine and spot on with the shaft, boy it looks big when your sitting behind it The risers are a bit higher than the deck beams that were in the plans so I will have to make up new ones with a bigger curve, I did price some nice low risers but they are silly money. Vrummmmm Vrummmmm Me id be looking at a blown plastic see through engine cover and some strip leds in the engine bay !! Location: eastern United States Top of the morning to you Fergel,,, It looks like you are making great progress on your build. I'll leave drilling out for the switches till I'm sitting in the boat and get a feel where to put them and I think I will change the gold blase to chrome. Location: Dublin,Ireland I have been doing a bit on the engine hatch trying to work out the best way to cover up the manifolds and carb.
I will leave the final sanding till after I put down the mahogany planks so I can get it the right level I will also be cutting out an air vent in the front of it. It looks a bit tall but hopefully when it's planked it will blend in a bit and the vent will add to the look.

Location: Dublin,Ireland Just a little update but not much to show, I fitted the dash clocks and steering. Location: Dublin,Ireland First test run of the engine in the boat to make sure there are no leaks before I do the planking. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Location: Ireland Does anyone know what make and model this timber boat is?
I'd like to know what make and model this boat is so I cant find images of what it was like when it hit the water for the first time. I've spent a lot of time researching early Riva and Boesch but it doesn't seem to be in the league. Location: Dublin,Ireland Hi nulabert, Fergal here It looks to be built the same as mine, I can't see why he would build the deck in 3 bits unless he was short on plywood so I don't think it was factory built. And as we had a few good days of weather I went ahead with the fiberglassing just doing one side at a time I was able to give it 4 coats of resin with a 3 hour gap between each one.
Location: Dublin,Ireland First coat of primer I will sand this down with 600 paper and do two more coats and sand again.

Just have to sink it a bit more and fiberglass the base and the prop tube that will hold the stuffing box.
I always knew it would be tight to fit the rudder but I just might get away with it using a plate on it also I think I will recess it into the hull so it sits flush. Location: Dublin,Ireland Cheers guy's I still have to do another 3-4 coats after I fiberglass in the prop tube strut base and rudder hole then sand it with 1000-1500 wet paper then rubbing compound and wax to get a gelcoat look finish.
The tumblehome aft would be a 70's styling feature, flare would be, but then again it could be anything.
When looking at boats like this you should go around with a screwdriver and poke every bit of wood to see whats rotten all to many times I have seen lovely boats on the outside just held together with paint and varnish. It's usually carved into a major structural element, like the keel, inside the transom, behind the instrument panel, etc. Would you know any forum I could post this on where someone might either have one or know what it is.

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