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My guess is that some sort of biocide has been added to the water in the skirt around the boat as an antifouling agent. I see that the design is the subject of the first chapter of Dias's book Designer & Client.
The Mahone Bay Classic Boat Festival, formerly known as the Mahone Bay Wooden Boat Festival, isn’t happening this year, but a new group has come together to present the Mahone Bay Regatta on the same weekend. Sandy beaches, cool coves, lagoons, sea caves, parks, trails & more…Breathtaking sights !
Depending on its condition, its scarcity, supply and demand and errors and varieties, the value of a Mahone Bay - Wooden Boat Festival varies.

The value of circulated tokens generally concerns coins with a certain wear due to the circulation.
The value of a uncirculated tokens generally concerns coins with little wear almost not visible with the eye. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
Near is LOAFER, 15', Nat Herreshoff design, built 1920; far is DEBORAH LYNN, 16', Joel White design, built 1994. I took it to Panama City while on business, stayed and sailed on Grand Lagoon, made friends with a guy and his son, took them sailing and sold them the boat.

When I got the boat I had just sold my first real boat, a Seaforth Coastal Cruiser, for a nice profit and was looking. I recall talking to somebody who said there was a beautiful boat for sale and I could see it on the internet.

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