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De Grasse led the majority of his naval forces to the coast off of Virginia where the historical surrender of Cornwallis began.
If you'd like to see your shipping cost, add the item to your "Shopping Barge" and then use our Shipping Rates Calculator on the next page. In December 1758, the commissioner of Chatham Dockyard was instructed to prepare a dry dock for the construction of a new 106-gun first-rate ship.
The outline plans arrived in June 1759 and were based on HMS Royal George which had been launched at Woolwich Dockyard in 1756. Construction used around 6,000 trees, 90% of which were oak and the remainder elm, pine and fir. After Trafalgar Victory took Nelson's body to England where, after lying in state at Greenwich, he was buried in St. Victory bore many Admirals' flags after Trafalgar, and sailed on numerous expeditions, including two Baltic campaigns under Admiral Sir James Saumarez. This fierce battleship served for ten long years, sailing the seas with pride and a very powerful presence. The Le Saint Esprit was one of the important ships that played a role in the well-known piece of history. The VICTORY's fame was due to the fact that as dawn near on October 21, 1805, under the British flagship, she took part in the momentous battle of Trafalgar, Spain and completely defeated the Franco-Spanish fleet with her powerful canons that can fire half a ton of iron shot more than a mile. This was an unusual occurrence at the time; during the whole of the 18th century only ten were constructed, the Royal Navy preferred smaller and more maneuverable ships and it was unusual for more than two to be in commission simultaneously.

The Naval Architect to design the ship was Sir Thomas Slade who, at the time, was the appointed Surveyor of the Navy.
Nelson had already made his plans: to break the enemy line some two or three ships ahead of their Commander in Chief in the centre and achieve victory before the van could come to their aid.
Her active career ended on November 7, 1812, when she was moored in Portsmouth Harbour off Gosport and used as a depot ship. The Le Saint Esprit was one of the important ships that played a role in the well-known piece of history, The War for American Independence. Sailboats and sailing ships with simpler detail are packed with masts folded down, ready to display after simple, easy assembly. The Le Saint Esprit with her 80 brutal and menacing guns was a magnificent French vessel and an intimidating and threatening ship to cross on the open seas, frightening any who crossed her path. The Victory's foretopsail was severely damaged during the battle of Trafalgar, perforated by upwards of 90 cannonballs and other projectiles. She is the oldest commissioned warship in the world, although the USS Constitution, launched 30 years later, is the oldest commissioned warship still afloat. Commanded by Captain Boze this spectacular and colossal ship was home and work to a crew of more than 710 brave men and distinguished officers. After driving off the British, a Franco-American force of 16,000 troops besieged Cornwallis. For five hours after Nelson's last maneuvering signal the two columns of British ships slowly approached the French line before Royal Sovereign, leading the lee column, was able to open fire on Fougueux.

It was replaced after the battle but was preserved, and eventually came to be displayed in the Royal Naval Museum.
While part of the Fleet of de Grasse, this 80-gun French sailing vessel played a decisive role in the Yorktown victory. Outnumbered, outgunned and running out of food, Cornwallis soon realized their was no way out of this battle that would befall he and his soldiers with a victorious conclusion.
Twenty five minutes later Victory broke the line between Bucentaure and Redoutable firing a double shotted broadside into the stern of the former from a range of a few yards.
The sail is laid out across a large chamber, illuminated by alternating lowlight projectors. At 25 minutes past one Nelson was shot, the fatal ball entering his left shoulder and lodging in his spine. This surrender of Yorktown would be the final in the War for American Independence, ending the fighting that had continued for years.
Such killing had taken place on Victory's quarter deck that Redoutable attempted to board her, but the marines and small arms men repelled them.
Nelson's last order was for the fleet to anchor but this was rejected by Vice Admiral Collingwood.

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