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A boat or yacht builder faces numerous exposures which may require multiple lines of insurance to properly cover. The first is Builders Risk Insurance, which covers a vessel from the start of construction through the final delivery to the customer. The boat builder insurance coverage also includes launching and sea trials area as well as Collision Liability and P&I. In addition to builders’ risk, a builder will need General Liability, Products Liability and may need various property coverage’s, commercial auto coverage’s, inland marine coverage’s, pollution coverage, and employers’ liability coverage. The various aspect of insuring a builder are too numerous to discuss on this page, however; Anchor Marine helps builders assess the full range of their needs and assist in placing its coverage with one of several companies that focus on insuring builders.
Worldwide Facilities represents a wide variety of well-rated admitted and non-admitted personal lines insurance markets. Worldwide Facilities offers builders’ risk insurance policies for new construction or renovation insurance risks. A private, independent wholesale insurance brokerage & managing general agency established in 1970. Builders Risk coverage is valid from the start of construction until the yacht is delivered to the customer. Policies that cover launching and sea trials also include Collision Liability and Protection & Indemnity.
Although many other types of insurance are required to build commercial vessels, such as General Liability and Product Liability, Builders Risk is the most comprehensive form of coverage, which is why it is often obtained before the others. As one of the top marine agencies in Florida, Brown & Brown understands that every commercial builder is different. Insurance for builders' riskBuilder’s Risk Insurance – Don’t Let Your Dreams Go Up in Flames! A Builders Risk policy covers your financial interests during the course of a construction project until completed.
A Builders Risk insurance policy is issued and, coverage applies when you become legally responsible for the covered property.

A builders risk policy should be written for the total estimated complete value of the built project. Home Builder built model home and extended the builders risk policy past the 12 months it took to build the home. Liability to others – including fuel spill liability is intended to cover the amount an “insured” legally must pay as damages because of “bodily injury” or “property damage” caused by an “accident” and resulting from the ownership, maintenance or use of a covered boat or yacht.
Uninsured Boater – Provides insurance coverage for bodily injury caused by an at fault uninsured or underinsured boater causing an accident.
Medical payments – coverage in a boater’s insurance policy pays for medical expenses resulting from an accident for you and others riding in your boat. Boat traveling across open bay and could not see through a dense fog and struck boat that was anchored and fishing close to shore. Boat was in Gulf of Mexico near shore a fire developed from engine and the occupants bailed out of the boat and the boat burned is a short period of time which caused a total loss $25,000.
We specialize in providing reliable, courteous and in-depth service, tailored to each insured's specific needs.
The first is called Builders Risk and it protects real property while the vessel is being built, renovated or repaired. Better known as P&I insurance, it protects operators from liabilities that arise out of navigation or management of their yachts. As each phase of construction is completed, the builder’s degree of ownership increases, but so does his risk.
This policy will cover property like building materials and supplies from the time they are delivered to the site until the structure is completed or permanent insurance coverage, as a homeowner’s policy, is in force. When materials are delivered to the job site, your builders risk policy starts protecting you. The amount typically is the selling price of the home or building minus the cost of the land. Reporting form policies are used for builders with multiple new home or building starts in a year.

The house was vacant and a pipe burst in the bathroom which leaked all over the house causing a $29,367 water damage loss to the home. The policy will also provide liability coverage protection in the event you injure people or damage property in an accident with your vessel. This coverage is to protect YOU for bodily injury or property damage that you sustain by the uninsured or underinsured boater.
Our in-house authority allows us to provide you with quick quotes on high value homeowner and builders' risk. Policies can be converted to full homeowner insurance policies with additional coverages added upon construction completion.
Personal property that will become a permanent part of the vessel is also covered under these policies. Either way, the insurance coverage you require must be tailored to meet the needs of your business.
Boat yards often limit their contractual liability, meaning that a loss usually affects the builder directly. Builders Risk policies can provide coverage for theft of building materials, materials in transit or at temporary locations, and some landscaping. If testing is required, and it often is, Builders Risk Insurance may include launching and trial coverage as an option. With over 120 years of combined marine experience, the agents at Brown & Brown Marine are uniquely qualified to customize a policy that protects all of your exposures.
In addition, boat yards are often pushed to their financial limits in the event of major losses.

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