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The Ker 33 will be on berth M321 at Southampton Boat Show from 11th to 20th September 2015. The race to reach the 50 knot barrier has become the equivalent of going supersonic in an aircraft.
Designed by Southampton engineer Malcolm Barnsley who has been involved in speed sailing for 25 years and piloted by Paul Larsen who already has five speed sailing records to his name, the team have the credentials to be taken very seriously indeed. Previous record attempts have used weight to counterbalance the force of the rig, so much of the driving force is used to counteract this drag. The rig is very efficient through the air and will be capable of driving the design to above 50 knots.
Financially they have had good support from their sponsors and suppliers so far but a title sponsor is needed for the testing and record attempts.
Once the testing is complete the team want to return to the UK for a public record attempt. If conventional foils don’t provide the answer then the team can move to a sharp entry cavitating foil. The team is highly experienced, knowledgeable and has the drive necessary to see this project through and capture the world speed record. Also there is no need for Boat transportation as most of the jobs can be done in the Marinas. Vehicle wraps have become very common in major cities across the Globe on most vehicles including city buses, shuttle buses, taxi cabs, and trucking companies. Our in house design team will create a custom boat design to show off your own uniqueness or that of your sponsor. Our sailing bloggers are from, and have travelled, all over the world and so we’re sure that our readers will find the best reviews, tips and ways in which you can turn your sailing holidays into an everlasting sailing dream.
You can also use our categories below to take you straight to blogs that are most relevant to you.
If your ultimate dream is to sail around the world with your family in tow, check out these blogs below. Mark and Angelina Roope sold everything they own and bought their boat, Cygnus III, in 2010.
The Totem crew are a family of 5 whose life went through a radical change when Behan and her husband Jamie, decided to put their most important priorities into focus. With a long history of sailing experience and a growing hunger for a life on the water, it was a no brainer that Behan and Jamie would eventually pack up and fufill their dreams with their very own boat.
Sailing Totem is a great site for those seeking inspiration and guides for taking the huge step of living a life on the water. Taking their two teenage children with them, the couple had no real time frame or goal, other than wishing to sail Australia before their eldest child left them for college.
Where most children would usually be watching television or playing computer games, the couple’s daughter, Danielle, has instead discovered a love for more stimulating activities such as snorkelling, baking, knitting, reading and crafting things from clay. Whether it’s your cat, dog, rabbit or hamster, why shouldn’t your pets experience the magic too? Matt and Jessica first purchased a boat in 2008 after giving up their jobs and deciding to live their dream of travelling around the world. We love this blog, mainly for the beautiful images that Matt and Jessica have captured on their journeys around the world and the detailed blog posts documenting their every move as they repair and rebuild their boat. The vessel Mary Christine was first purchased by Peter, Jody and their two dogs, Betsy and Gunner after packing up their little two bedroom house in San Diego and deciding to make the move to live their dreams sailing the ocean.
This is Bailey Blue, a fearless feline who lives aboard his owner’s boat and loves nothing more than to sit back, relax and watch panoramic sunsets with the sea breeze running through his furry locks. Adopted when he was just 10 months old, Bailey was introduced to a life on a boat within a couple of weeks.
After deciding to follow their cruising dreams, Jereme, Kim and Oliver the dog took a huge leap of faith when they purchased a 1982 Endeavour 37 sailboat, named LAHO, in 2013. Spending 57 weeks cruising around the Bahamas and Caribbean, the couple have shared some incredible stories and provided great advice for other sailing newbies along the way.
We love this blog, not only for the way it gives a great insight into life on a boat, but also for how, just from the reading the comments, we can instantly see how much Jereme and Kim’s stories have inspired others, helped some through difficult times and injected a real sense of nostalgia into those who used to sail. Sailing with children can be tough work, but it can also be one of the most wonderful things your child will ever experience.
The Sailing Britican blog is written by Kimberly Brown, who after hitting success with her own business and achieving what she thought were her life goals, began to question her life purpose and what really motivated her.
Kim decided on a dramatic lifestyle change and at the age of 37, she sold her 6 bedroom home and moved into a 56’ Oyster yacht, with plans to set off sailing around the world with her husband and young daughter.
We love this blog because of its detailed, honest and inspirational posts as well handy tips, recipes and checklists for everything you need to know about sailing across the globe. We love the free spirit feel of this blog and their belief that anyone can achieve anything if they put their all into making their dreams come true. Our next blog belongs to Eric (a USCG licensed captain) and Charlotte (former teacher and writer) who first began their sailing journey in 2005 when they made the decision to purchase a Hans Christian 36 vessel and travel the world. Currently with little Isla and the twins, Haven and Mira, in tow Brittany, Scott and their three young children are having a short break for a few months, due to hurricane season and family commitments. We love this blog as it provides a great insight into how, when life gets a bit tricky, there is almost always a solution and nothing can ever stop you from accomplishing your life goals. Starting the first year of her long voyage with friends, to gain experience, Liz then continued to sail on her own with no real plan of where to go, or what to do next. We love reading the stories from the 18,000 miles of ocean Liz has travelled and her brave and inspiring attitude to sailing.

Travelling extensively as a child, Nate grew up with an ambition to avoid a slow death career, value freedom and embrace his deep connection with the ocean. Nate initially started his website with the view to share his experiences as he solo circumnavigated around the globe in his 2000 Lagoon 380 sailboat. At a time when money was the most important thing to him, Alan was informed by a doctor that the amount of stress in his body was at a dangerous level. At 36 years old, Alan decided to fulfil his dream of exploring the world and left his American residence in search for his new home – a sailing boat. We really enjoy reading Alan’s stories as he ventures from place to place and particularly love the detail in which he writes, so that anyone reading can feel like they are also experiencing the same sights and sounds. Whether it’s your partner, sister, brother, or best bud, sailing as a twosome can be great fun. Tasha first climbed aboard her floating home in 2012 with her husband Ryan when he proposed his dream to sail around the world.
Sailing from Sydney, all the way over to Berlin, the pair have successfully reached their goal and have recorded plenty of aspiring musicians whilst documenting their journey, experiences and the people they’ve met online on their blog. Starting out on their epic journey in 2009, Karen and Frank decided to continue their circumnavigation alone and used Google Earth to research and plan their adventures along the way.
Karen and Frank made a transition back to land and ended their journey in July 2015, leaving behind some amazing stories of their voyage. Sundowner was first purchased by Tate and Danielle, a couple from rural Louisiana, in 2010.
Having already stopped in incredible destinations like, Columbia, Mexico and Key West, Florida, the couple are now deep in their challenging and exciting voyage, blogging their trials and tribulations along the way.
This blog is one of our favourites, as not only do each of Tate and Dani’s articles fill readers with inspiration, but each one also gives a great sense of bravery and passion for sailing from this loved up couple.
Feeling equally anxious and excited, the couple first set sail in their PDQ 32 Catamaran, from their home in Ontario in the summer of 2010, heading to the Caribbean with no real plan of what was to happen next. This blog is one of our favourites as it really does prove that anyone can achieve their dreams and if Mike and Rebecca went from sailing newbie’s to live-aboard cruisers in such a small amount of time, so can you! Taru first met Alex in 2009 in Barcelona and after just a few weeks of dating; took a very brave step into the world of sailing when she and Alex decided to take his sailboat out on the ocean and explore the world. With the huge success of Ker Design over the years and McConaghy's unrivalled build quality, it is already proving popular. It is a milestone that many sailors and windsurfers have tried to reach, but so far all have fallen just short. Due to SailRocket only needing to run in one direction for a record attempt the foils are asymmetric and angled inwards to keep the hull in the water. A single daggerboard and rudder are custom made using new moulds each time and constructed using some of the highest modulus carbon available. The sails and crossbeam are complete and the moulds for the hulls are ready so this looks attainable. They are hoping to secure and announce a major company for this by the London Boat Show as well. Currently they are evaluating sites in Belgium, Holland, Sandy Point in Australia and a ‘secret location’ in the Middle East.
The hulls are purposefully over-engineered to stand the rigours of life on the road and accidents that may happen during testing. For 50 knots they need flat water and 22 knots from 100-110 degrees to the angle of the course. The team haven’t fully done the calculations on this concept but they reckon that the drag would increase by a third which would necessitate the move to a solid wing sail.
If all works they may move speed sailing and potentially fast sailboat design to a whole new level.
While we have been wrapping boat live our previously customized Scarab was displayed near Mayflower park on the water.
We can combine leading edge graphic design practices with photographic quality printing to create unsurpassed and unlimited design options to set you ahead of the competition. He writes honestly with valuable views on the benefits of sailing and humorous sailing dilemmas, all complete with images. They wanted to build real memories with their children, outside of dinnertime and flyby weekends. Taking their growing brood with them, the couple first sailed out on their newly bought Stevens 47 cruising vessel, named Totem in 2008.
The family unit have enjoyed boating life and writing stories about their adventures ever since.
These blogs share the need to know tips and tricks for taking an animal along on a sailing adventure. What started out as an idea for a new hobby for Matt, quickly turned into a seven year sailing adventure around 16 countries, including Cuba, Peru, Jamaica and even the beautiful Bahamas. We always look forward to their new adventures as they cruise from place to place and lets not forget seeing pictures of Georgie, the couple’s cat who they adopted in 2012.
The couple are currently on their way down the Caribbean Island chain to spend the rest of hurricane season in The Grenadines and Grenada.
With ambitious plans to sail the Pacific circuit and Alaska, Bailey and his humans are currently sailing from Italy to Greece for the summer.
From dealing with hot weather and wearing special safety equipment, to fishing, fur and frolicking, this blog has it covered. After quitting their jobs and without any real sailing experience, they set sail on the biggest adventure they would ever encounter.

From home schooling and safety, to fighting boredom and sea sickness, these couples have it covered.
As well as reading the helpful and insightful blog articles into what life is like sailing around the world with a young family, we also enjoy reading the delicious recipes, made with wholesome ingredients and guilt free options.
After cruising the Bahamas and the Caribbean, the couple decided to start a family and purchased a larger boat to accommodate their growing crew. Why not take a solo adventure and enjoy the wind in your hair and a taste of freedom, with no one to tell you what to do. Liz, (or captain Lizzy) a surfer and environmentalist from California, did just that, when she climbed aboard her 40 foot sailboat in 2006 and embraced remote waves and foreign cultures on her journey around the globe. Blogging about her journeys and findings, Liz has gained plenty of sailing knowledge; as well a stripy cat nicknamed Tropicat along the way and has made all her dreams come true since the first day she learned to sail at the young age of 7. From learning how to fix her own boat, to fulfilling her ambition to heal the world, we think these articles are enough to inspire anyone. However, on his incredible voyage, his blog - The Nomad Trip, quickly became a hub of fascinating adventures, with articles detailing everything from spearfishing and undergoing urchin surgery, to fixing up his boat, beach parties and cave diving. His honest style of storytelling is filled with wit, humour and includes some great tips for other sailing newbies.
Deciding to take a month away from work, Alan had his first taste of freedom and found he loved this new style of living. With just 14 cents left in his savings, and his loyal dog, Chloe, he set out into the big wide world, writing about all his sailing adventures along the way. With the freedom to do as they please and the security of having someone they trust by their side, the blogs below show us exactly why exploring the world as a pair is the best way to sail. Sailing out of New York, Tasha left her city life behind (but not her two cats) and began their unforgettable voyage. The couple are now selling their boat and boarding a brand new vessel for brand new adventures on the seas. Ben Bart and Hannes Hafenklang, good friends from Germany, first set out in 2011 with the ultimate goal to record as many local musicians as they could across 35 different countries.
We also like to read the constant updates of what the pair are up to next on their interactive map, showing where they currently are and the path they have sailed. However when their children went to college, the couple didn’t want their adventures to stop there.
They sailed around the world on their 50 foot catamaran called Tahina and visited the most incredible places, from The Pitons in St Lucia, to the diamond mine ghost town in Namibia. Five years on, and 2,000 thrilling blog posts later, Mike and Rebecca are now heading to Martinique to purchase their next boat, a 1983 Amel Maramu, to continue their dream of sailing the world. Variations come from the choice of an aluminium or carbon rig, and from the choice of opting for a fixed bowsprit or conventional pole. SailRocket could be about to change all this with a totally new design and way of thinking about speed sailing design. At very high speeds conventional foils have a tendency to cavitate or ventilate when the vapour point of the water is reached. The angle is adjustable easily as this is one of the most critical components of the design.
They then must be finished to a perfect shape since the slightest imperfection could cause the cavitation they are trying so hard to avoid. They also want this to be true British record, designed in Britain, made in Britain and attained in Britain. The concept of the hull remains the same so this isn’t a project that will be assigned to the scrap heap if it doesn’t work first time. In fact, boats are moving billboards when travelling to and from the marina or in competitions where spectators and sponsors will see your wrap. If we can hit land at the other end without having to get out and ask directions, it was a good day".
She spends most of her time stowed away sleeping under warm blankets whilst the couple are travelling.
Unfortunately in April 2014, the family had to abandon their boat due to a medical emergency on board and are currently continuing their blogging on land. This blog offers incredible posts sharing their experiences and advice for many aspiring sailors who are yet to start their own adventures with their family on the water. With one child cruising was easy, but then they discovered they were pregnant with spontaneous twins which forced them to re-assess.
The bowsprit option is for short handed, and primarily offshore, sailing, meaning easier sail handling when using the asymmetric spinnaker system.
Over the last two years this theory has been tested and proved to work using a scale model and hours of tank and wind tunnel testing. In fact the entire planning area of the windward hull is interchangeable to get the hull form just right. This will definitely turn heads as you drive to the bass tournament or marina or boat ramp.

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