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Triple outboards from either Mercury Marine or Yamaha are on the newest Chris Craft sport boat..
It has a fairly popular beam of 10’ 10” for this length; joining Regulator, Everglades, Southport, as well as Boston Whaler by being within 2” of them in its beam. One may want to explore a much narrower (up to two to three feet narrower) of a high speed center console design (the 39’ 6” Cigarette has a beam of just 8’) for more boat speed.
The only unit of this boat available, for the time being, is offered by Grande Yachts International, a major Chris Craft dealer.
While this new fish boat has special features to make it very easy to fish out of; the styling, fit, finish, and “stylish look” is pure Chris Craft.
Going on, they say… “There will is nothing traditional about the bow area of this boat compared to other Center Consoles today. You can expect 360 visibilities while navigating to your destination from the helm of the new 34 with ample space to manage all with the latest of a (Glass Helm) from Garmin. Below the forward helm seating and console you will find overnighting capabilities with a nicely appointed berth and head.
Finally, Chris Craft says that the combination of power, comfort, and Chris-Craft styling in the new Catalina 34 will make this boat a “one of a kind” on the water. Yamaha Helm Master™ uses …” rigging that digitally connects an enhanced binnacle control, a high-definition LCD screen, electronic steering, an electronic ignition panel, a theft-deterrent system and an innovative joystick. Typically, a designated employee at a given boat builder receives all the training and trouble-shooting knowledge that insures that the boat and power works as intended by Yamaha, as each boat model and power package is a somewhat custom installation.
Note, your boat dealer is getting proper training before any arrival of a Yamaha Helm Master equipped boat to support local boats that are boat builder rigged. The entire Helm Master™ system is covered by a Yamaha factory warranty for the first three years of a new boat. By the way, fans of Mercury Marine will be happy to hear that it offers a similar program for its outboard engines.
As the boat’s best cruising speed moves up with more power, many of these triple boats are used for a fast cruise down in south Florida or for a trip to the Bahamas for lunch rather than as a pure fish boat.
For a multi-purpose boat, seating and comfort features are other items that are optional to turn a fish boat into a family multi-use boat.
Warning, I am not a chemist, I am simply passing on personal experiences and some advertising messaging put out by major players within the marine trades.
Think about buying your Sta Bil 360 either at your nearest convenient marine store or at a low price shop.
Here is a quote from the fuel stabilizer maker “STA-BIL 360 MARINE offers comprehensive protection by releasing a microscopic corrosion preventing vapor inside the fuel system that coats ALL metals parts, including the fuel tank, fuel sending unit, valves, carburetor, fuel injectors and intake manifold. STA-BIL 360 MARINE accomplishes everything our current STA-BIL products offer, including keeping fuel fresh, removing water, cleaning the fuel system and more, but this revolutionary new product provides an exciting new level of protection for ultimate performance.
This product is new for 2014 and it won the International Boatbuilder’s Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) Innovation Award in the Boat Care and Maintenance category.
IBEX is organized by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and judged by members of Boating Writers International (BWI), the award recognizes innovative distinction from other products currently being manufactured, benefit to the marine industry and consumers, practicality and cost-effectiveness. Chris Craft joins the triple engine center console choices in an upscale, “Mega Yacht” type tender style, rather than as a pure fish boat. Note that Chris Smith built his first boat ( for hunting ducks) around 1874 at the age of 13 in Michigan. After some hard times under various owners, Chris Craft has now had steady ownership and good management. Caution, if you pick the three engines choice for your boat, watch your propeller selection, lower unit life, and fuel mileage.
With the different prop spec and other correcting mounting adjustments necessary for a three engine boat, the life of trouble-free use of the center engine seems to be in question. She is not a reproduction, she is an original design by Glen Shivel and Scott Lambert featuring a soft-riding, semi-vee bottom shape. Seabuddy has inspected this boat (the one I looked at had the fiberglass hull choice, which he prefers for this boat) and hopes to do a sea trial once the weather warms up in Kennebunkport, ME.
Rated for up to 250 horsepower, most of these boats go fishing with a Yamaha 225 horsepower outboard. Edgewater also just now makes this boat model with a center mounted diesel engine for even better mileage. If you want a top notch Center Console you must take a look at the well-built Grady White boat. Pictured here is the 2012 Grady White 306 Center Console that measures 30’ 6” down the center and needs a permit to trailer 10’ 7” at its widest point. Award winning Grady White boats make this 306 model pictured and other center console fishing boats. Grady White invented the walk around cuddy cabin family fishing boat and they teamed up with Yamaha outboards to make this class leader.

The hull length is 23’ 5” with a beam (that needs a simple wide load road permit) is 9’ 3”. Grady White has won awards after awards for their good boats and I would be remiss if I did not mention this here.
While at the show, allow time to try your hand at the free power boat docking game where you maneuver a model boat in a test tank using a full scale boat helm into a marina slip. We have come across Sea-Doo and Yamaha's jet boats and they look very interesting as larger alternatives which still retain the jet advantages which we rather like. In short, all these boats are just toys, listen to the combined wisdom of the forum, get a proper RIB for half the price and a quarter of the problems. There are lots of ribs that have a similar leisure seating to the jet boats you are looking at, Zodiac do the Yachtline delux and the Medline.
And they have all the dangers of a jet (I mean, you still have to be incredibly careful when kids are swimming nearby) with no particular advantages. You only say you plan to use it on the west coast, but you don't say the west coast of where, or what the water conditions will be like. The biggest issue with the jet boat though is you want to leave it on a mooring for a month, which will quickly kill the jet drive system. However, if the area you plan to use it is very protected, and therefore flat clam most of the time, and you can find a way of launching and recovering each day rather than leaving it on a mooring, and you only want to use it for blasting around and waterskiing and don't want to cruise anywhere, then the jet boat will probably do what you need.
If its derogatory I cant agree to all jet boats being so, mine is a peach and much fun, there again it is a 9m commercial jet boat max 10 passengers. I bet Yamaha sell 20 of those per year in the UK, or something like that, whereas they sell maybe 1000 per year to the US flat lake boat community. This new 2015 Chris Craft runabout.is their entry into the currently hot and  popular 34’ center console.
Seabuddy does not have any speed numbers yet for the Chris Craft 34’, but it should be in the mid-50s. The seating and sunpad conversion for sun bathing will be a simple process to convert it for whatever the occasion, boasting a double sun lounger with arm rests and drink holders. The true glass (not plastic) windshield offers increased visibility and provides comfort to the helm and two companion chairs against inclement weather. Up until the 2015 model year, these boats were almost exclusively powered with twin outboards. Together these components form a true drive-by-wire system that responds instantly to your command.” This system is intended for boat builder installation only right now. One hears the word “calibrated”, which to Seabuddy means that making this system work right on a boat is heavily dependent on the marine tech that installs it.
Along with dealer-level training there are many forms of support that your new boat dealer gets from the Yamaha factory.
But, if you plan on keeping your rig, say, six years, you cannot buy extended warranty coverage. Triple outboard engines are the new King-of-the Hill for Center Console boats power and this is one model that is selling in numbers. Lounges, cup holders, head, and other welcoming items for all the family members should be thought about.
It’s like fogging oil for your entire fuel system, offering “360 degrees” of corrosion protection and is safe to use in all types of gasoline – from ethanol-free fuel to E85. For the first time, STA-BIL 360 MARINE delivers corrosion protection above and below the fuel line by releasing an innovative vapor that coats all metal parts within the fuel system to prevent corrosion. She is offered with 900 Horsepower in triple outboard engines with joy stick controls from either Mercury Marine or Yamaha. In a three engine power set-up, the center engine uses a different spec prop than the two outside ones to properly match the engines to the boat. Often, the lower unit below the cavitation plate has a shorter life within the center engine, compared to the two outside engines. However, most of their customers, after a lot of discussion, go with a wood deck-fiberglass hull boat model. This boat is easy to look at, quick to plane and fun.  She runs around a lake like she is a classic Riva Junior or Chris Craft Riviera.
Look for boat test numbers for a center console equipped with one, as it can affect your complete boat test performance numbers. These were 17 foot mahogany plywood planked clinker built outboard wood boats ideal for catching fish.
A 300 Hp single  Yamaha outboard on the 232 Grady White power boat gives a best cruising speed between 4,000 rpms (about 24 mph according to the test) and 4,500 rpms (about 31 mph in the test). It’s a timed test, with offsets for bumping, that is a challenge for beginner and even if you believe yourself a pro boater. Brig are very nice and even Avon do the Adventure series, stick a nice 4 stroke or Etec on it and you wont go wrong.

A 19' boat that you have to sit down in will kill your back in anything more than the slightest chop.
Prop fouling is a problem for all boats left in the water, but when the edge of the prop is mm's from the surrounding tunnel, and very difficult to access for cleaning it, you're likely to spend too much time trying to clean or fix it. Blasting round in circles gets boring very quickly though, so you're really talking about using it for waterskiing, ringos etc., which is fine, but then i'd rather have a specialist ski boat, which by the way are shaft driven so would have the prop well underneath the boat. Self draining cockpit for watersports, stand up ability in a chop, ease of move all around, good seating and if you get a 6m one you get a Toilet in the Console! Now, warm water and warm weather based boats are being delivered with triple outboard engines. This one has a stepped bottom design that gets the crew, engines, boat gear, and rigged hull on top of the water for increased speed.
Here the three 300 horsepower Mercury Marine outboard engines have been painted to the owner’s choice of finish.
With two engines, the two propellers are the same spec and mount on the transom at a uniform height. Make sure that the warranty of all your engine parts are covered by a factory guarantee plan with your three engine boat and that it clearly states that all three engines on your one boat are equally covered and any warrantee plan extension is also available with the same equal engine coverage -FOR ALL THREE ENGINES.
If you go with a fiberglass hull and a wood deck selection, she is a light weight (1,100 LBS) and about a $49,000 modern boat.
Clinker Built means that each plank bottom edge stands out from the one below it such that it give a small lift to the boat while it throws spray down and away from the cockpit.
Great for a 20min blast on a sunny day, but the appeal drops sharpley after you have had the 40th bucket of icy water thrown in your face on a 'typical' british summer day.
In most coastal locations there are very few days where its flat calm enough to use a small jet boat properly.
Full production of this model is planned to hit the Chris Craft dealer network in spring, 2015. Both Mercury and Yamaha offer Joy Stick for triples, now, and that makes these boats something one can drive well around the marina with only minutes of instruction.
All you boaters that slip their boats in Key West, well Seabuddy is not talking about your boating fuel habits in a direct way in this write-up. When interviewed by Time magazine, he attributed Chris-Craft’s success to the family rather than any individual within it. Sea Ray, using the same brand engine and water jet drive as this Callinectes Boat Works model has already introduced one for themselves this year. Glen Grady, a boat builder from Wisconsin, and White, from a farming family in North Carolina, had joined forces to start G-W Boats, Inc. Then, he became a champion sales success leader for the company and then later he bought the original partners out, when they wanted to retire. The top speed at just under 44 mph at 5,900 rpms is far secondary to the best economy (at reasonable engine rpms) cruising speeds. Even something as simple as starting them after they have been on the mooring can be an issue.
Proper RIBS are designed with the occupants either in a semi-standing position so they can absorb the bumps with their knees, or sat on the tubes for cushioning.
The beam allows for a double sun lounger with arm rests, triple helm chairs, and a L-shaped bench across the transom that allows walk-thur access to the swim platform without removing seating cushions. It, like an outboard from the fifties, has the engine, controls, fuel and jet pumps, exhaust, electrical, propulsion, and cooling systems as a package.
Other features can be found throughout this fishing boat model that give a real positive impact on your ability to chase and catch fish. Top speed, if you ever use it, is around 46-47 MPH with the 225 horsepower Yamaha outboard motor. The batteries need to be fully topped up, or when its started it will drop into get you home mode. Boat builders are doing what they need to their boat offerings to accommodate three engine as well as two engine new center console boats.
A Glass Cockpit style of engine and electronic controls all displayed in two big, side by side 15” screens will be the way to go at the helm station.
These were boats that were similar to what Glen had built while working for other boat builders back where he had called home. Note, BRP has spent $15 million and added 137 employees at its Evinrude outboard factory to bring this power package to market.
The jetdrives will hate being in the water all the time, they are just not designed to be left afloat.

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