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YANKEE ONE DESIGNS were built primarily at the Quincy Adams shipyard in Massachusetts and the Stone Boat Yard in San Francisco. Sorry: No Sailboats Match Your Query, or the sailboat previously listed under these criteria has now been sold. Built in the summer of 1937 by Britt Brothers, with Starling Burgess overseeing construction. The second hull No.13 built by Quincy in 1940, this boat was part of the original Beverly fleet.
Built by Jack Earhorn, 1949 for racing in the San Francisco Fleet. FLAME has Been meticulously restored and sails proudly on the San Francisco Bay out of Richmond Yacht Club.

Guilderland, NY, under restorationNote: This boat appears somewhere else on this list, with a racing number and a “location unknown” status. One of John Linderman’s sons working on Y49 VENTURE, another sitting on the scoffolding. I would be greatful to be able to pick your brain about the Yankees and maybe get to look over westward ho. That means this boat appears somewhere else on this list, with a “location unknown” status. When she was brought to my attention, she was going to be crushed and put in a dumpster, thankfully Chuck thought she was to beautiful to crush .

Once I got him to describe her as skinny with long overhangs I stopped what I was doing and went to look at her.

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