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Available plans include one dozen (12) hand drawings covering cold-molded and foam cored construction, with several interior arrangements. Alaskan Yellow Cedar properties make it an attractive material for both general construction and boat building, due to its slow growth and durability. Callitropsis nootkatensis is an evergreen tree to 40 m tall, commonly with pendulous branches.
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Due to my change in mobility I have sold the sailboat and am looking for a powerboat design live aboard for extended cruising.
Not clear the nature of your health issues Mark but it would seem to me if one symptom is a reduction in mobility, then would it not make better sense to aim for the smallest boat reasonable, just to keep things close and manageable on a human scale?
Mind you, I do not know if this is a solo operation or if you will have crew along.Crew makes the bigger boat perhaps slightly more attractive and realistic on yourself, if the increased costs do not dampen the enthusiasm.

No design comes readily to mind at the moment, but I would be thinking smaller,as in less than 30 feet, before going any bigger, if it is a solo effort. I'd be interested to understand why Mark thinks he can farm out work on steel or aluminium easier than wood? The foundation of our product line is west coast species of softwood lumber in truckload, container, and railcar volumes. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I want to live aboard so the ability to have power at anchor and simple conveniences would dictate 40' plus.
No, we will give you detailed instructions and teach you the basics if you have not operated a boat before.
Running a 120hp engine at that kind of horsepower will do it no good,running an engine of that size at revs that will be beneficial and your assumed range of 4,000 miles will be consuming a massive amount of fuel,you may not want a trawler yacht,but with the fuel load you will require,that kind of hull will be required.

I followed with interest the couple who built a narrow wave piercing boat in aluminum but since have forgotten the name. The smaller boat will go together quicker,be cheaper to operate,maintain and sell if it ever comes to that. I would prefer it not be a trawler but instead something more efficient than that class of boat. Also, the smaller boat will open up access to berths and moorings not normally sought after by bigger boats and insurance will certainly be cheaper too.

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