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Charles Brennick

The Gambler

Charles was a self-made man known for his distinctive style of conducting business. His mother introduced him to the nursing home industry, and Charles took it from there.

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Lucy Gwin

The Crusader

Lucy ends up held against her will at a private neurorehab facility after a head-on car crash.

But she’s tough – Lucy once worked on an oil rig – and she isn’t one to keep silent about what happened to her.

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Joseph Brennick

The Gambler's Son

Joseph, Charles’ son, started working for his father when he was a teenager. Four decades later, he’s still in the family business of disability care – and following in his father’s footsteps.

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Linda Blumkin

The Brooklyn Mom

Linda, whose daughter has autism and a rare genetic disorder, lives in New York. This mother goes to battle to better circumstances for her child.

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Sue Bessette

The Investigator

The only thing Sue, a former nurse, has done longer than work in nursing homes is investigate the facilities themselves.

Specializing in fraud and neglect, Sue got familiar with the Brennicks’ family business.

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Tina Trudel

The Psychologist

Tina is someone who stays put. She steadily rose the ranks at one neurorehab facility, even amid ownership changes. She’s probably seen it all – but she won’t tell.

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Amy Mueller

The Teenager

Amy survived a terrible car accident that killed her father when she was 11.

When she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, her mother trusted a private New Hampshire facility to help rehabilitate her daughter. Instead, things got much worse.

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