Well it is that time of year again and hopefully many of us are still going strong on our New Year Resolutions. I’m not sure if I am going to try this, but if I do I need something visual that I can use so I made this up for those of us who need the super visual.
So far this looks completely doable for me, even though I am a busy homeschooling mom of 4.
We already knew that you were going to have to go without some things so I’m not too surprised to see some of my favorites missing (like chocolate, gasp!) but I guess I will just have to save that for my cheat days. I have done a 10 day detox in the past and found that getting the bath in was the absolute most difficult to achieve consistently.
As you can hopefully see from the information graphic, I have lost a total of 14lbs in the past 10 days, which is not only staggering, but much more than I have lost on previous fasts. Something that is even more impressive for me is that I now have a BMI of 28.5 which removes me from the ‘obese’ band to the ‘overweight’ band, which is somewhere I haven’t been for quite some years! My partner chuckled away at me this morning after I shrieked  (in delight) ‘I’m no longer obese! If you haven’t already done so please read my 60 Day Juice Fast introduction post for more information on why I started this fast.
Okay, having done a juice fast last year there’s one thing I noticed that really surprised me. Welcome to Juice Fast, your one stop resource for everything to do with fruits & vegetable juice fasting. Of course every year many people make the decision to commit to a weight loss plan as part of their New Year Resolution, for some reason this isn’t the time of year I usually am motivated to loose weight, but when we recently moved my eating took a turn for the worse. I’m thinking about doing this at the beginning of next month so that I can be feeling slimmer in time for a certain romantic holiday.

I usually stay up pretty late so I would have to make an effort to go to sleep much earlier or spend a lot of hours being hungry. The bath is supposed to last 30 minutes but by the time I got all the children to their beds, I just wanted to go to sleep not draw a bath and soak for 30 minutes. Oz site has shopping list and recipes to make the plan easier and it seems like they have really thought of everything to help you be successful. I am very aware that the loss will include water weight etc, and the loss will slow down from herein, however I am still very impressed with the initial numbers. My target weight loss for the total fast is 30lb and I am just a stones throw from being half was there in the first 10 days. I will probably post in between to talk about the fast in general and any effects I have, good or bad. It wasn’t all bad I managed to completely avoid fast food cheeseburgers, but it was expensive and I am ready to get it together. Probably the most reasonable I have seen for a detox promising so much weight lost in so few days.
I have commitment issues though and I’m not sure if I want to do something so restrictive. I don’t know about everybody else, but unless my house is impeccably clean, taking a bath gives me mommy guilt. This Rapid Weight Loss Plan seems like something the average person can do, and I like that about it. Good luck to all of you with your weight loss goals, hopefully we all are looking fabulous in 2015. Whilst I know from now in the weight loss will slow down dramatically, I am positive that I will most definitely reach my goal, especially when I start to undertake my exercise routine next week.

Greek yogurt, fruit, chocolate protein shake unlimited broth and vegetables, and really you’re only eating 12 hours a day so there is little chance to be hungry. I’ve read previously that losing a lot of weight in the beginning of a weight loss push is a good motivator to keep you going. Of course, processed food and alcohol, and also artificial sweeteners (including diet soda) and refined white sugar is not going to be an option for the 2 week period either. I would imagine that if you are already exercising and continue to do so during your 2 weed rapid weight loss commitment you could see even better results. The detox bath for me is something I think I could only realistically do about half of the days, but I always like to start a plan with the best intentions so I would try to do the bath 6 out of 7 days if or when I do this.
Oz site HERE, I took a look and it looks pretty similar to other detoxes I have seen with a couple of key differences. It is only for 14 days and I saw an interview where he said it was okay to cheat every 2 days. I gave up soda about 10 years ago so that is not going to be too hard for me, but muffins and quick breads are a weakness for me, but I know that the less you eat sweets the less you crave them so I get excited when I see an opportunity like this. Squash Chips, almond butter balls, vegetable dip, even if I don’t end up doing the weight loss plan I will definitely be trying a few of those recipes!
Hopefully cutting these things out of my diet entirely for 2 weeks will allow me to introduce them back in a moderate way. It be nice for chocolate to be a once in a while treat instead of a necessary stress reliever i use to get through EVERY day.

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