Read on for the top 10 easiest ways to kill yourself… at least that way you’ll know when to be extra careful!
Thankfully most people aren’t stupid enough to drive drunk anymore, but still a whole bunch of us will drive tired.
Okay, so few people actually die from running with scissors, but it brings to mind some pretty horrific imagery don’t it? Roads are a fact of modern living, so most of us don’t think of them as a constant threat.
There may be thousands of weight loss tips, out there but let’s get real: There’s only a handful of hacks that you’ll realistically be able to implement and commit to long enough to see the results you want. None of them will overhaul your life (which makes them easy to commit to), yet all of them are proven to help you lose a fair amount of weight in a year. If you love fast food we have good news: You can still eat your favorite burgers and nuggets and lose weight—so long as you switch out the fries for a side salad. According to recent stats, Americans dine out between four and five times a week—which is bad news for your belly.
Sure, your favorite blueberry crumble yogurt tastes great, but you’re fooling yourself if you think it’s a health food. On average, a slice of cheese—whether it be atop a sandwich, salad, omelet or burger—has about 70 calories. While we’re all for standing more throughout the day, when it comes to eating, it’s best to grab a seat.
These small tweaks to your daily routine can help you shed weight more quickly than you ever imagined!
In a recent study of more than 500 participants, researchers found that losing a mere 30 minutes of shut-eye increased the risk of obesity by 17 percent! You already know that stressing out is bad for your health, but did you know that pulling your hair out also wreaks havoc on your metabolism? For every hour of TV you watch, you’ll see about 14 minutes and 15 seconds of commercials, according to global information and measurement company Nielsen. Forget the suit and tie, leave the heels at home and if your office culture allows, make every day casual Friday. Some experts estimate that leaving just one bite behind at each meal could save you about 75 calories a day. For fat-melting dinners—and easy, automatic weight loss—don’t miss the all-new Zero Belly Cookbook! Jamming out to music while you exercise could increase your endurance—and subsequent calorie burn— by up to 15 percent, say Brunel University researchers. Not only is running outdoors more entertaining than staring out the gym window, trading your favorite treadmill for an outdoor trail can amp up your rapid weight loss efforts. If you prefer running inside on a treadmill to swatting bugs out of your eyes outdoors, that’s totally fair. This was after earning a prestigious Master's degree and studying intensive Dari and Arabic on the weekends. This had been my dream for so long, and the fact that I'd achieved it could mean only one thing: I was successful. And then I judged myself and the entire profession in the way I imagined everyone else would judge me: purple websites with waterfalls, old ladies with outdated job searching tactics, and worse. In a society that defines success in terms of status, title, income, and power, it's not surprising that many people feel tied to the careers that offer those possibilities.
In the words of Steven Pressfield, author of Turning Pro, "to feel ambition and to act upon it is to embrace the unique calling of our souls.
When your "success" isn't making you happy, you have no choice but to take an inventory of what that word truly means to you. Have you ever driven back on the motorway and found your eyes starting to close over as you head home? Actually this isn’t true, but still a lot of accidents do happen around the house and many of those happen on the stairs. What’s not smart though is heading up there without properly planning your route or taking the right equipment. Whether it gives you carbon monoxide poisoning while you sleep, or you turn on the light and blow your house sky-high, it’s certainly a potential risk. The very easiest, and most tempting for some, of the top 10 easiest ways to kill yourself is definitely smoking which causes many of the most common and lethal diseases in the world from lung cancer, to heart problems to throat cancer. To help you get the flat stomach like Mark Langowski on the cover of his book Eat This, Not That! If you commit to one tip from each category, we can guarantee you’ll be down ten pounds 12 months from today. And there’s more good news: Green tea is packed with metabolism-enhancing antioxidants called catechins, so sipping the brew can amp up your calorie burn. Instead of noshing on cookies or a king sized candy bar, quiet your sugar cravings with a small piece of dark chocolate. Instead of ditching the booze altogether, commit to drinking drink two glasses of water between each alcoholic beverage.
Not only are portions and calorie counts substantially larger at restaurants compared to home cooked meals, even seemingly healthy dishes are laden with excess fat, salt, and calories. You may not realize it but those bags of chips from the mall vending machine and those free danishes from the office break room that you grab in a pinch really add up. Eliminate it from just three meals a week to keep 10,920 calories and keep 3 pounds off of your frame over the course of the year. Research indicates that people who stand while eating gobble down 30 percent more during their next meal than those who sit! An additional study found that sleep-deprived people consume about 300 more calories a day than their well-rested counterparts.

One Ohio State University study found that in the 24 hours following a stressful event, women burn 104 fewer calories than more chillaxed ladies in the seven hours following eating the high-fat meal—a difference that could result in weight gain of almost 11 pounds in one year. Spending just 10 minutes a day going up and down the stairs burns about 80 calories, which translates to 400 calories a week and 6 pounds a year! Instead of using that time to check out another channel or worse, refill the chip bowl, stand up and do some jumping jacks. A study by The American Council on Exercise suggests casual clothing, as opposed to conventional business attire, can increase physical activity levels in our daily routines. Interspersing short, all-out sprints with brief periods of rest is the most effective form of cardio for fat loss. But if you want to make the most of your half-hour trot on the machine make sure you’re using the moving handles to pump your arms. Scientists say that exercisers work off 10 percent more calories when they walk or run outside than they do on a treadmill, moving at the exact same speed.
But if you want to get the most of your workout then increase the incline from 0 to 1 percent. When I really took stock of what I had, I realized that my ideas of success were completely intertwined with other people's opinions of me.
I've had clients who are scared to abandon their careers because they've earned advanced degrees, taken on debt, and made major life decisions and even cross-country moves to accommodate a career they desperately want to be rid of.
That fear of judgment might have kept me from pursuing a coaching career, but I already knew how unhappy the alternative made me. However, one glance at the shelves of Barnes and Noble's self-help department says it all: Most of today's best-selling leaders talk about success in terms of authenticity and happiness. Don't let the opinions of outsiders or the fears of your subconscious interfere or stand in your way. If you don’t want to lose all your teeth, then insulting Mike Tyson is probably a bad idea. If you’re going on an expedition, take every available precaution to avoid frost bite and hypothermia. Research participants in a British study who followed this routine lost an average of 2.87 pounds in 90 days. Consider this: A side salad with low-fat Italian dressing from McDonald’s has 70 calories while the calories in a small order of Ronald’s fries complete with a packet of ketchup has 240.
We like Nibmor Extreme Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs because it has a mere 160 calories per serving and is made with just five ingredients—a rare find in the candy aisle.
It’ll slow down your drinking and prevent you from heading mindlessly to the late night pizza joint.
Instead of vowing to order a healthier meal every time you dine out (which can be near impossible), commit to ordering a broth-based soup as an appetizer.
To lose weight—without sacrificing flavor—opt for a plain Greek yogurt topped with a handful of berries. Consider this: A homemade turkey sandwich on Ezekiel Bread with hummus, tomato and lettuce will run you about 324 calories and has 6 grams of fat.
To stay on track all day long, load your car, purse and desk with raw nuts, non-perishable fruits like bananas, apples and pears and other healthy high protein snacks. You may miss your Colby Jack and turkey wrap at first, but if you load up your bread with veggies and a thin swipe of hummus or guac, you won't miss it in the long haul—promise! Scientists speculate that when we eat on our feet, we don’t consider it a “real meal” and subconsciously eat later in the day. But the good news doesn’t stop there: Harvard research indicates that regularly taking the stairs can decrease mortality rate by up to 18 percent.
Spending 14 minutes a day jumping around blasts away 71 calories—which translates to a 7-pound weight loss over the course of a year. If you live away from the center of town the vow to drive to a location where you can run several errands by foot. Participants in the study took an additional 491 steps and burned 25 more calories on days they wore denim than when wearing traditional suit wear. Adding just one fun physical activity to your weekly routine can help you shed between 4 and 9 pounds from your frame in just a year! Now get more bang for your calorie-burning buck by adding one of these fitness turbochargers to your routine. While a 150-pound woman burns about 134 calories in 45-minute yoga class, running twenty minutes to get there will incinerate an additional 300 calories. Researchers hypothesize that music wards off fatigue and makes fitness buffs feel like they can do anything they put their mind to.
This extra motion can increase the calorie burn by up to 30 percent, which translates to 40 calories in a half-hour.
If you walk for 60 minutes five times a week on the treadmill, simply taking your routine outdoors could help you lose 2 pounds in 12 months. Cranking up the grade will incinerate 420 calories in 30 minutes while doing the same workout on a flat surface will burn just 388. I was making roughly six figures, racking up awards, promotions, and countless compliments and approving smiles from the people in my life who watched as my career trajectory skyrocketed. The world is full of noise, and as anyone who has ever been faced with a tough decision knows, there are plenty of people out there who have opinions about how you should be living your life. They have a mental catalog of feedback they've been collecting from other people over the years.
We all have subconscious beliefs -- usually formed early in life -- about what success looks like.
The realization that my definition of success was driven by fear, ego, and others' impressions of me sent me into a quarter life crisis.
After leaving my job, I began networking again, hoping to get clear on what I truly wanted to do.

Once you get clear what you're scared of, take it as an indicator that you're moving closer to what you truly want to do with your life.
Traffic accidents are actually one of the biggest causes of death full stop, so driving tired is no doubt one of the top 10 easiest ways to kill yourself.
If you eat fast food twice a week, this simple swap will save you 17,680 calories, or 5 pounds, a year! A dark chocolate square may not seem quite as satisfying as your favorite choice the first few times, but after awhile you won’t even miss the sweeter snacks. If you have access to a refrigerator, stash away a container of Greek yogurt and some hard boiled eggs. If you currently consume a 450 calorie dinner, you could easily bring that number down to 360 just by making time for sit-down lunch.
Hit the sheets a half hour early to help tame the waist-expanding fire—doing so just twice a week could easily save you 9 pounds a year. Adding just 40 minutes of walking to your routine each week could help you lose about 3 pounds a year.
So if you run a 1-minute sprint, then walk for 2-minutes and then repeat the pattern until you hit the 30-minute mark. Say you use the machine four times a week; that’s an easy 2-pounds of fat, gone—poof!—in just a year! Over a course of a year making this simple change three times a week could help you lose 1.4-pounds of flab! In fact, studies show a whopping 70 percent of Americans read product reviews prior to making a purchase -- it seems we want to hear everyone's two cents prior to venturing any risk. More often than not, the words of the naysayers become a self-sabotage mechanism, and my clients use them to protect themselves against the vulnerability of pursuing what they truly want. The trouble is that we have no reason to question these ideas until we've followed our preconceived "roadmap to success" and realized it leads to a dead end. Check in with yourself so you can be more conscious on what inspires your decisions as you move forward. Accelerate your weight loss wins with the help of these 30 Things to Do 30 Minutes Before Bed to Lose Weight!
If you can’t stand the taste of plain water, whip up a batch of detox water filled with flavorful, fresh fruit and herbs. Obviously, the calorie saving varies depending on the fast food joint, but so long as you go light on the dressing, you can be sure you’re saving at least 100 calories each time you dine.
And bonus: Dark chocolate contains pure cocoa butter, a source of digestion-slowing stearic acid, so it can help you eat less, accelerating your weight loss wins!
You’ll likely cut that in number in half—and save a minimum of 300 calories—by sticking to our suggestion. Making this switch just three times a week equates to a three-pound weight loss after a year! Grabbing an apple and a hard boiled egg instead of your daily “emergency” pastry could save you up to 160 calories a day, which is just shy of 17-pounds a year, saved. To whip yourself into even better shape, be sure to pick up these 25 Best Foods for a Toned Body. And after your workout, don’t forget to refuel with one of these delicious, muscle building protein shakes.
A 150-pound person using this approach to cardio will burn off 60 more calories than running at a steady pace. When I started polling the opinions of those around me, the response was unanimously one of shock: You want to leave your sparkly job in this economy? Once you have a good grasp on what you want to do, stop asking others to weigh in -- period.
If a Twix bar is your weekday vending machine splurge, switching to Nibmor’s lower cal sweet could help you drop nearly 7 pounds in a year! If you booze twice a week, you could easily slash 9 pounds from your frame in 12 months flat. And for more easy weight loss tips, check out these 50 Best-Ever Weight-Loss Secrets From Skinny People.
For more super-simple weight loss hacks, check out these 44 Ways to Lose 4 Inches of Body Fat. For more bumpin’ beats that will boost your calorie burn, check out one of Spotify’s 140+ BPM playlists. As terrified as I was of the unknown, I knew the status quo wasn't sustainable -- I was just too unfulfilled. In the process, I learned a lot about what other people wanted to do professionally, and I shared a lot of my own insights and advice.
And speaking of packaged food, be sure to steer clear of these 150 Worst Packaged Foods in America to keep those pounds flying off with ease.
The results of this simple—and totally fun—change to your workouts will vary based on your routine of choice. Most of it did nothing more than cloud my own judgment and vision about what I already knew I truly wanted. As the people around me implemented my suggestions in their own lives, they began seeing results. However, if you typically use a stationary bike for 30 minutes three times a week, you could burn an additional 3,791 calories a year.

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