I’ve been wanting to show before and after pictures for awhile now and finally I am doing it. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on all our latest product releases, sales, and some free goodies! Sign up to learn what's inside a BAMR Box and how to be one of the first subscription members!
BUT, only when you decide that the pain of where you are now is worse than the pain and determination to have a better life, better health… and  you decide that you want to LIVE! This holds true for ANYTHING that is holding you back, weighing you down and controlling your life. In my first post, way back in June, I shared with you a few things I wanted to be able to do!
I also decided that it was time, after 20 years, to get a new ride that was just for Momma!
I WISH I could bottle up how I FEEL inside and give some to each of you, who are where I was last May, just a taste of how amazing it feels to get healthy and to shed the burden of food addiction!
If you are ready to make a change I want to encourage you to reach out to me  about the plan I’ve been using.
IIf you are reading this and and silently praying for strength to take that first step…I am praying for you!
You are so beautiful – certainly on the outside, but most importantly, on the inside.
BUT ONE THING I KNOW FOR CERTAIN…I AM GOING TO SUCCEED LIKE YOU DID BECAUSE I HAVE A STRENGTH INSIDE ME THAT I HAVE NEVER FELT BEFORE. Oh, my heart is so happy for you, Heather….yes, you were beautiful before, but you a healthier and drop dead gorgeous, now! So very grateful and thankful to see my beautiful daughter so healthy and happy with who she is – and has always been since a little girl – a compassionate and caring person! I’d lost close to 100 pounds in my late 20s, and I remember what that felt like and how much better I felt and how i was actually an encouragement to other people, as well.
But over the years, I clearly lost myself again, but I’m working hard on finding me again and never going back to medicating myself with food.
At Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, we provide medical weight loss programs to residents of Arizona, including Phoenix, Glendale, Chandler and Scottsdale.

6-8 week challenge combining fitness and nutrition education to deliver results in a fun, manageable and affordable manner! FITNESS: Each class will also educate you on some of the different aspects of fitness that will help you to reach new levels. PRICE: Challenge is $35  and this cash primarily goes towards your prize pot for incentive! These energetic and informative meetings deliver results!!  Participants lose an average of 15 – 25 lbs in 8 weeks!! But I haven’t started consistent weight training, so you’ve inspired me to get that going! Your iPhone app sounds awesome–I just have a little notepad that I write down what I eat on it. I want to share something with you, if you are feeling discouraged or if seeing my transformation makes you feel worse not better. DECIDE you love yourself more than the food you crave, the couch you sit on and the comfort zone you live in. It’s small daily decisions, one step at a time, one pound at a time and you will find yourself transforming. I pray over each of these posts that God will use them to bless, encourage and motivate others to get healthy and LIVE the best life they can!
What a wonderful post and I appreciate you sharing all of your weight loss and your mentals with us. I wish that my own daughter would stop telling herself that she is just fine with her weight. Having recently lost nearly 40lbs, I can honestly tell you that I know exactly how hard it is to lose weight and it really does require changing so much more than how much you put on your plate.
I think my legs might be more toned but I wish I was wearing the same shorts in both pictures. But it’s just recently that i started noticing that my muscles are much more defined now since i started weight lifting.
Your friends and family can want it FOR YOU, but only YOU can do the work it takes to get there!
There are tools that can help you achieve your goals, but ultimately YOU must decide you want this more than you want the things that got you where you are.

My husband has lost 40 pounds and I’m so proud to share that my 20 year old son has lost 69 pounds!!! Just a taste would start you down your own journey, but all I can do is tell you to step out in faith  and believe that YOU have what it takes to get healthy! I am just starting on losing 50 pounds for my health and your pictures and article are very encouraging!! You look 10 years younger… you always were so beautiful but I can tell you have more life in you now!
Down 13 pounds so far and grateful to have lots of cheerleaders urging me on and encouraging me. Each week there is a different focus and take-home so that you are continually making baby steps towards permanent healthy habit changes.
This is a physical, mental and spiritual process and you can find the strength within yourself to change your life! I never harp or compare her to others, rather than occasionally mention my fears of health issues. The $35 cost primarily goes towards a PRIZE POT where the biggest transformations WIN MONEY!!!   We have given away as much as $3500 in 1 day at the end of a challenge!!  Cost of your chosen nutrition program varies depending on your goals and needs and can be discussed with your coach! We can help you: Lose Weight Gain Muscle Tone and Lean Out Get Healthy Learn how to STAY Healthy… Basically GET FITT!!!! Got to get back to studying for my k-6 teacher exams, but this deserved my immeadiate attention.
Weight loss challenge meeting places vary – inquire to see if there is one starting near you!  If not, we have REMOTE participants who find their meeting support online! But most of all show them that you are capable of more than you can imagine!?? #celebrateyou #bamrbands#bamrbandsWe are just ONE week away until the new #bamrbands subscription packages will be in your hands!! It's not an Instagram sale night tonight, but I did get extras uploaded to the website this week!

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