Vanquish unsightly belly fat in just 10 minutes a day with this fun, easy-to-do exercise program.
Flexi Bar is a simple but effective piece of fitness equipment that works on the body’s core muscles and produces vibrations as you work along to tone your internal muscles thus strengthen your core muscles. Flexi-Bar training burns fat quickly and experts recommend just three 15 minute sessions a week.
Compared to the vibrating machines that can cost in the thousands, this is a great tool that does what it says. I've had my flexi bar for about 3 months now and still enjoy using it, in fact I missed it when i was on holiday recently! I would recommend this bar for anyone recovering from injury who wants to improve core stability.
I am a personal trainer with intermittent lower back pain: I bought my first Flexi-bar in 2007 and loved it so much I qualified to instruct within months. I teach group exercise and one-to-one using the bar, regularly receiving positive feedback from my clients.
I'm never good at visiting gyms and am broke at the moment so it's great to use at home with the DVDs.
The amount of calories you burn in a session depends on how hard you work but you can realistically burn 500 calories or more in one hour. I must be less fit than they are but I got a fantastic workout and had a great deal of fun at the same time. I would recommend this to anyone who finds exercising boring but needs to get fit and do something. I originally thought this product was a little pricey but after having been using it for just over a month I believe you really get your money's worth. It's varied, cardio, sculpt & tone, flat abs, zumba live etc so much on all the DVD'S to keep you interested and work your body in different ways. I chose zumba because I want to lose weight and tone up after having a baby 3mths ago, the weight wasnt really shifting but since a month of zumba i have almost lost a dress size and have started firming up considerably, even my bingo wings are shrinking! I would definatley recommend this product, theres options for if you are limited with time, it's fun to do, and so far i'm really pleased with the reults im having. Zumba is the most happy way to exercise ,the whole routine is set out from beginning to end from all the dvd's it gives you and made easy to do . This is a great product, the moves are broken down so even an excercise novice can get to grips with them.
Easy Fit 5 is the exerciser that helps train all 5 zones of your body essential for strength and mobility.
This is not your average run of the mill bathroom scale that monitors your weight but also measures your lean and fat mass automatically. At the same time uploads that information via your WiFi to a private site or mobile and charts it!
The web dashboard offers a rich graphical interface that allows you watch your progress and acts as a further motivational factor for any dieters.
The Web interface for tracking datas is also well designed and allows easy navigation to monitor my weight and fat mass. Another great feature is that the scale automatically recognizes me and my wife when we step on the scale, and we can choose not to share our graphs :) ! My other half looked at me in despair when she realised i'd spent this much on a weighing scale!! The potential for this is great and it will be interesting to see what other features could be developed in further releases.
This handy little device enables you to measure your body fat in the privacy of your own home.
Using a Skin Fold method of measuring Body Fat, the Accu Measure Fitness 3000 gives Gold Standard levels of accuracy within 1.1% of those given by underwater weighing methods.
I bought this Body Fat Tester because I started a diet and wanted to check my fat loss and not only my weight loss (as weight loss is not only made of fat loss but can also include muscle loss for example). I then read that those scales were almost useless and that body fat calipers were basically the only way to really have an accurate idea of your level of body fat and how it evolves.
I bought the accu-measure skin fold calipers because I needed the most affordable and reliable tool for measuring my body fat levels. I am very pleased with the accuracy of the fat tester, it is very motivational to my training as every week i get results as little as they may be at times they keep me going. Great for your legs and bum these lightweight, compact steps are idea for using in your own home and have some great reviews. I was well pleased with this stepper, and it's just as well made and as good as any of the other's that sell for more than double the cost because the have a branded name on them,my husband has been using it after have a spinal injury and it has really helped strengthen his leg muscles again, worth every penny.
Here comes 49 minutes of Cool Step Choreography from Christi Taylor, beginning with her Incredible Invisible Warm-up. This invisible warm-up concept allows you to enjoy incredible cardiovascular training right from minute one. It's also good to see a dvd where there is clearly some good rapport between instructor and support steppers! I found the routine difficult at first but after a couple of trys am getting there and like the fact you can follow an easier routine by watching ladys at the back of the exercise class if you are not up to the more complicated moves the instructor completes. I have not taking part in a step class for some time but feel after practising with this dvd will do alot better once I go back to gym classes. Worn on the hip, this little gadget will calculate the steps you’ve taken and the calories you’ve burnt. It combines style with sensor technology, and with an Aerobic mode to motivate extra activity its a reasonably priced, great little buy. All I wanted was a simple, neat, device that was always on my hip that could help incentivize my exercise and weight loss regime. I have been trying to get a good pedometer for some time now and this one definately fits the bill.
I'm currently taking part in a daily step count challenge at work, we were issued with free pedometers but as I haven't had the best luck with pedometers in the past I thought I would invest in a decent one of my own. After a quick search I found this.It's priced very reasonably, it's relatively easy to set and is sturdy and reliable. The clip is very strong and secure (the incident above was more my fault than the pedometer's!) and the controls are neatly tucked away on top, preventing the settings from being changed accidently by brushing against clothes and let's be honest, fatter parts of the body! This is an excellent item, absolutely brilliant value and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anybody. I had tried this product on loan from my local NHS and because I was so happy with it I chose to purchase the same product myself.
The only point I'm not sure about is that you take one measurement which is used to estimate your body fat percentage.
These calipers are very easy to learn to use, although you do have to read the instructions and practice a few times. If you are working to reduce your body fat, these calipers are absolutely worth the investment. Improve your circulation, decrease stress, increase energy and lower your cholesterol levels.
It’s also great for improving muscle tone and getting those legs, thighs, hips and bum into shape.
The Reebok Trampoline is an excellent way of exercising in your own home at your own convenience. The Reebok Trampoline is exactly what I was looking for - some enjoyable keep fit in my own home without having to go to a club and make a fool of myself as i am so unfit! Let’s face it, some of us just don’t have the time or inclination to go to the gym, they just aren’t for everyone and hours of exercise can seem daunting. This DVD offers five 10 minute dynamic workouts specifically designed to attack your midsection. As a 40 (something) guy I have always been a bit cynical about the value of all the celeb type fitness DVDs. I got this DVD about a week ago as my stomach was getting so large I think it planned on becoming recognised as a continent! Sticking pretty much to doing a single ten minute session a day I have already really started to notice a difference. This DVD appealed to me as I carry weight around my tummy and wanted something specific to target that area. This workout dvd is brilliant, if like me you have a belly from having children or just weight gain then this is for you. Directly from Davina herself - "As I start to grow a little more mature, I’ve stopped worrying about being skinny – because I’d just rather be a healthy size and one of the best ways to achieve this is through resistance training to sculpt, tone and buff your body. As great as Davina Fit was I, and some other reviewers, felt there just wasn't quite enough there for a top-notch workout.
It may sound a bit over dramatic but the Davina workout DVD's have completely changed my life! Having the smaller sections focusing on abs, upper body and legs & core you can put a workout together to target the areas of your body that need improvement. Davina, Jackie and Mark really make the workouts fun as well as challenging for all fitness levels. So far I have only followed the basic routines, so as I progress I can add in more - I am 55 so I am taking it perhaps more slowly than someone younger would.

So, an excellent buy, and an exercise DVD I would recommend to any age group or level of fitness. Ex-GMTV weather girl Clare Nasir is the celebrity slimmer of the year and looking at the before and after pictures, it is not too hard to see why!
The DVD consists of 4 x 20 minute workouts that is geared towards burning 1000 calories each time. It was the photos of Clare before and after that inspired me to purchase this dvd having not used such a thing in years. This fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor offers everything you need for comfortable, quick, accurate blood pressure monitoring. The blood pressure monitor is a breeze to use, from unpacking to setting up for use took more than a couple of minutes.
I'm a bit conscious of my health, especially my blood pressure, which is why I was very interested in this item.
I have been using it daily on the 10 minute program, sometimes twice daily, and already I can see a difference in my body!
The Davina mini exercise bike allows you to work out your leg muscles anywhere - at home on the sofa or even at work.
I would prefer it to have some indication of what 'level' of difficulty it is set to, otherwise I would give it 5 stars. The Body Sculpture Twist Step With Bands enables you to work more of your body, such as the arms, abdominals and the main muscles. I did look into this before I purchased it and I have to say I have had this for a few weeks now and have used it every night or at least every other night. The only problem with it is the step counter, doesn't really count your steps because by the time i've done 4 steps it has only counted one. It has an ECG accurate display and is perfect for use with Cardio exercise or just checking your heart rate. Very easy to use and set up and gives constant read out of time used and current heart rate as well as giving details of total time in use wth average and Max heart rate over that period.
The key benefit of using a Gym ball to exercise is that your body automatically balances to stabilise the ball, thus you are using a lot more muscles than when exercising directly on a hard flat surface.
In essence, you will be building strength in important core muscles without even knowing it!
Ki Fit is the UK version of the very successful Bodybugg in the USA (as seen on the show The Biggest Loser).
It is a calorie management system that allows you a keeping an accurate daily record of calories consumed verses burned. The Ki Fit armband measures how many calories you burn, how many steps you take, how active you are, the amount of sleep and more ! I have been using my Ki Fit for exactly a week now to aid in my weight loss and have truly fallen in love! This is an addicitive and motivating little gizmo for anyone wanting to get fit or lose weight. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that is not created by the body and must be obtained from food or through supplementation. New research from Arizona State University shows that increasing vitamin C intake boosts your body's ability to metabolise fat. Scientists point to vitamin C's role in the manufacture of the amino acid carnitine, which helps regulate fatty acids. In one of the studies published in the British Journal of Nutrition, boosting calcium consumption increased weight loss in people whose diets were calcium deficient. Women who consumed diets without enough calcium had more body fat and larger waistlines than those who consumed more calcium. Spirulina has many other benefits but is a popular slimming supplement because as it acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Get into shape with the latest fitness equipment, treadmills and running machines from most of the quality leading brands.
Maxifuel provides safe and effective energy & recovery elite sports nutritional supplements to help beat your best. Maximuscle are the UK leaders in sports nutrition and provide a range of quality award winning protein sports nutrition supplements, whey protein powders etc. Slimming flabby stomachs is a cinch with this easily customizable course of five energetic dance routines.
It's got a durable build and because the entire workout takes up so little time, you can do it whilst watching TV and it's easy to stay motivated. My abdominal muscles are definitely stronger and I can see a change in my shape around the middle. Simply put the Flexi-bar works for rehab, is effective for toning and is great fun to boot! I have been going to Zumba classes for a while and this DVD is exactly the same as doing a class. The DVD is really easy to follow, and it has helped me to lose loads of weight without leaving the house!! Anyone who has taken step classes or any dance class will pick things up quickly and it's a decent cardio workout based on interval training and fun. I have tried lots of excercise programmes and got bored within days and forgotten about them. I sit happily for around 40 mins a night whilst watching TV - you can watch whilst working out the muscles and it's working.
My data automatically transfers within a few minutes to the withings website and to my iPhone. Seeing that you are overweight on scales is a bit depressing, but seeing it in graph form and watching the weight, lean mass, and fat all change day by day is great! It works by incorporating vital warm-up movements placed ingenuously within the first 5 minutes, while at the same time elevating the heart rate quickly for maximum calorie burn!
Also great that there is an additional section which runs through the entire exercise about three more times, giving you another chance to really sweat! The move master option could do with being slowed down as the instructor goes that fast it takes a while to pick up the routine, easier just to go for it.
It then stores this information in its memory bank for 7 days so you can see how far you’ve come (or rather gone) over the last week. My '10,000 step a day' mantra is really working and I do not stop until I achieve this goal each day, even if the dogs look weirdly at me if I turn and do another lap when they would normally be heading home! I have had problems with ones in the past where the reset button is too easy to press so I lose my steps half way through the day.
It actually came off my waistband when I was rushing to work and hit the pavement so hard I thought it was a goner, but it's absolutely fine apart from a couple of scratches. It is very easy to set up and the fact that the data is saved for previous days makes it easy to collate your stats for the week. The health benefits are amazing, if you google *rebounding* it gives you a list of exercises to do on it and it tells you the effect it has on your health. I love the fact that its broken down into five 10 minute sections so you can do as much or as little as you want. Some days I just choose one of the 10 minute workouts, other days I do 2 or 3 of them, depending on time and energy! My ever faithful personal trainers Jackie and Mark have put together two brilliant hours of fun workouts aimed at buffing up your bod. They really do make working out fun, and over the last year they have helped me find the joy of exercise and I have lost 5st 10lb.
I need to lose weight and tone up for her wedding in May, so this seemed like a good way to add to the weight loss programme I am following. I love the boxing and even though I find that easier than the cardio I actually find it more tiring - boy am I red when I have finished.
I was dubious that she could have achieved such amazing results but can honestly say I am hooked.
Intellisense technology is featured in this device which ensures that the arm cuff reaches the correct inflation and doesn't pump up too high. The machine is easy to use, and operate, and it explains how to read the measurements well. As a nurse I check blood pressures often and so backed up the machine's opinion of what my BP was with a manual sphygmomanometer reading, and I was satisfied with the accuracy. My husband and I were so sceptical about it - even after reading the other reviews, but how wrong we were!
Ive had rowing machines, running machines,cyling machines but this is the first piece of equipment that I can honestly say I have not got bored of. Easy to adjust tension from almost zero for beginners, just add more pressure when you want. The ball is very easy to blow up and is extremely comfortable to sit on and has really helped my back pains. By wearing it throughout the day (it is recommended to not wear it more tha 23 hours per day) and night, I keep track of every calorie that I've burned. I bought mine second hand off ebay as I was terribly sceptical, but I find that it shows any increase in activity down to the exact minute I started and stopped exercising and the total calorie count is in line with various estimates I had previously put together using online calculators. The study increased the daily vitamin C needs 500mg a day, (about the amount in one red bell pepper).

As well as using the bar at home, I go to a class in my local gym and that provides a very aerobic workout, based around the flexi bar. I would reccommend checking all the discs before you begin, my pack contain four dvd discs but two were the same although labelled differently. Zumba is great, I find I want to do these excercises, you dont end up with tight aching muscles, you just enjoy the excercises. By using squashable resistance balls, it provides gentle resistance without pounding or causing too much pressure, so you can exercise safely and painlessly. No programming required, just stand on the scales and it records it all to your account and plots it all on the graphs for you. Forget unreliable and expensive electronic bodyfat machines, this will do the job perfectly. She is very pleased with it as it comes with full instructions on each exercise and is easy to follow. Its very solid and sturdy and holds my weight fine (i am a larger lady) so this was a worry to me, but no problems at all. This totally cool workout takes off instantly toward exciting and challenging Step Aerobic training. It's more of a dancey step style, but if you're struggling to master the moves it has a slower "move master" option that you can run through a few times to get the hang of it (having said that, I'm not the greatest and it's not taken me too long to master).
The facility to review the previous 6 days performance (including distance, aerobic steps, time and energy used) is very handy. One of the best features is the 7 day memory which helps you keep track of progress, so it is easy to make a plan and stick to it. I've lost well over two stones and a lot of that is down to putting in the hard work with rebounding exercises on my mini tramp. The exercises hurt but because you can do them in 10 minute segments it ends just when you think you can't do any more.
The variety of classes (and you can mix and match episodes to add a bit more choice) makes every day slightly different and you certainly feel the burn.
If you want to do a whole hour of intense cardio you can do, want to do 40 mins of super toning? Great to do one of the cardio sections then one of the toning sections after to get a full hour in. I wish I had weighed myself before writing this but I don't have time but I am pretty sure it will be about the 4lb mark. When I first did the whole dvd I ached everywhere which told me it was working all the right places.
Having been a gym user on and off (mostly off!) for years I was a bit rusty and did the dvd the first couple of times with my daughter who is a regular exerciser. However, my one gripe is that the arm band was way too small, and I had to go out and buy one. Just by using this machine for 4 ten minute sessions a day, has given me a total inch loss of over 7 inches, in a two month period! Ten minutes every night and already my legs have toned and have done 10 on arms which I could really feel the following day. It makes you want to do more exercise and you choose targets that suit you then try and stick to them. I find this to be extremely motivating, especially when wearing the display which updates by the minute.
Four weeks later, the test group were able to oxidise 30% more fat during moderate exercise than the control group!
We have the solution for you the 10 Minute Solution Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day and we ve developedCategories: Training DVDs, Women.Usually ships in 24 hours Quantity Add to cart Description Amazon Customer Reviews Additional InformationNO TIME TO EXERCISE?
Links to the iphone and runkeeper automatically (when you enter your account details in those apps that is). As she works in an office all day, she is delighted she can finally get some exercise when she comes home while keeping an eye on her young son. It has two heights, the way it arrives packaged is the low size step, but then unfold the side legs underneath the step and fix them on side and it's higher.
If you want some variety or changes there are optional additions, including an abs section.
Only one very small gripe and that is that the number of steps is converted to kilometres only and not miles.
I use the Omron myself and recommend this for my Personal Training and Nordic Walking cients as it really helps motivate them to get moving more! I'm not skinny and I had serious doubts about this Reebok coping with my weight but it has done, it's never broken, the springs are still as good as new and there's been no sagging of the surface even after the battering I've given it. The only thing is you have to unscrew the legs if you wish to store it flat - that's the only slight drawback. My tummy muscles feel stronger and I'm sure my clothes are starting to feel a bit looser around the waist. My only criticism is that I would of loved to see her keep the idea of having a warm up and cool down section incorporated into each workout.
So far I have managed to do it 4 times every week and even on the weeks when the weight loss seems slow, my body shape is changing and the inches are going.
She thought it was brilliant and reported her stomach muscles aching the next day even though she goes to the gym four days a week!
Should your measurements fall outside of normal ranges then a heart symbol flashes on the display after measurement to indicate this to you. Our machine is in the conservatory, where we have a small TV, so just by standing on it and watching the TV made the time pass really quickly, with no effort at all! The instruction book only shows you pictures of different exercises and could be more informative but overall its so easy to use. The monthly subscription enables me to view my daily stats and log my meals (up to six meals a day) so that I can easily see the balance of my calories, be it a deficit or a surplus, as well as the nutritional value of my meals.
We have the solution for you the 10 Minute Solution Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day and we ve developed 5 dynamic workouts that are just 10 minutes each. It's much easier exercising with the telly on and a DVD to work to than with just the CD player. You will need a reasonable amount of space around the step, but you could vary it quite easy. I run weight control classes and encourage participants to use this pedometer and to date I have only received positive feedback. There are 6 legs so the tramp's really steady when you bounce but they do need tightening from time to time and it's important that you check the legs before you jump. Also, I mainly got it because I get a sore hip from walking so this is a brilliant alternative to helping my body stay in shape. I shall definitely continue with the exercises which are fun to do and don't take much time out of any day. Here it would be easy to cheat for someone who did not realise how important these sections are. Other people have commented on the fact I now have a waist, so it must be doing something right!
It tells you in a pie chart as well of what the proportion of fat, protein and carbs you've eaten and it is quite supprising! The online subscription also records your personal bests which, in turn, challenges me to beat my own records whether it's the amount of steps I've taken in a day or how much sleep I got. The workouts were specifically designed to attack your midsection from every angle for optimum results. This is where Mel B's DVD is fantastic as you choose all the sections you want to do then hit play. You can go at a slower pace and build up which is great for us slightly more mature ladies! I only found out after using it a few times that the step can be twisted a lot further than I thought which makes the steps higher and the workout harder. The silver "REEBOK" name does come off and it does make a slight mess because it's silver paint flakes and easy to see. Basically, you can mix and match the five workout sections (plus warm up and cool down of course!!) however you like!!
Split them into 5 separate workouts or do them all together for one amazing, belly-fat-blasting workout!FLAT BELLY FAST Get a flat belly that will turn-heads. She's not heard any negative comments about the bar except that it is essential you buy the original bar (tested to a high level) and not a copy one.
You can burn off a ton of calories on one of these little tramps and there are dozens of exercise routines on the internet so you don't just jump up and down and get bored.
Use it jog, do your situps and loads of other things and there's little impact to your joints so you cut out the injuries as well.
This program delivers those Pilates Perfect Abs.BELLY FAT BLASTER Toned, firm ab muscles can be hidden from view by a layer of fat. Love this little toy and use it every other day - much cheaper than a gym membership and nobody laughs at your wobbly bits!

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