Anyone considering losing weight and going on a diet should first pay a visit to their doctor. The most important rule in the 13-day diet plan is to eliminate sugar and fat from the things we consume habitually and one must drink loads of water over the 13 day period. The 13-day diet plan has been judged positively and negatively from experts in medical and health fields, but like most things in life, there are always pros and cons.
Positive aspects of the 13-day diet plan are that people should lose no less than 5kg, if not more within the 13-day period.
Negative aspects for the 13-day diet plan is that each person is limited to losing only a certain amount of weight because the 13-day diet plan is only to be used once in a month, leaving a 15-day window before the dieter can return to the plan to shed further kilograms. The most important risk is how your health handles the 13-day diet which can be harmful due to the low calorie intake and that is the reason it’s recommended that you consult your physician before partaking in the diet plan. If you’re wondering whether the 13-day diet plan will sort out your excess weight, in all likelihood it will, however exercise is as vitally important as a good eating plan.

If you want to lose weight in a short span of time, the 13-day diet offers you a practical solution where all you need to do is follow and stay with the plan set out for 13 days. If the rules are adhered to, people on the 13-day diet should shed no less than 5kg and as many as 10kg in the 13 days. Weight losers experience an amazing weight loss as the 13-day diet plan forces the body to use its own stored up fat, fat that’s has been in their body for years and because of this, people do not gain the weight lost back rapidly.
Another factor with the 13-day diet is that as people do not consume a lot of calories they may experience low energy levels, feel drained and unable to perform their normal employment functions as they had before.
As your body will be cutting down on calories you will feel tired and possibly irritated, but at the same time your body will be burning off that unwanted fat.
Because of its success, both in the private and government sector (in the United States), the 13-day diet plan appeals to many people. Another somewhat embarrassing discomfort you may encounter over the 13-day period is bad breath.

The diet has been used by NASA for their astronauts and in hospitals for critically ill patients that need to lose weight fast.
Chewing gum is prohibited during the 13-day diet but you can however use a mouth rinse or brush your teeth a little more often. Many victorious stories have been received from large and overweight women who have had to shed their excess weight quickly in order to fit into a particular item of clothing for a special occasion.
The 13-day diet is explicitly geared towards speeding up the body’s metabolism to lose weight fast.

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