So, it should come as little to no surprise that the foods we do (or don’t) choose to indulge in can have an impact on our mental health and play a role in issues such as depression, anxiety and moodiness. In the week of healthy foods and lifestyle, we continue our healthy journey with 20 foods that will boost your metabolism. There might be a bunch of supplements out there for boosting your testosterone levels before workouts, but it’s always better to go natural. Here are 20 great foods that are easy to find, healthy and delicious alternatives for naturally increasing testosterone levels in your body. If you are looking for the best veggies to use as a side dish to increase testosterone levels, you should be taking a close look at brussel spouts.
To help keep your brain smiling, we’ve rounded up those ingredients that have been shown to bring on the happy.

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Thankfully, there are plenty of healthy foods out there that you can include into your everyday meal plan in order to safely and effectively boost your testosterone levels. These enzymes decrease testosterone levels in the male body and convert testosterone into estrogen.
For every text message sent and mobile or long-distance call made by Bell Canada and Bell Aliant customers, Bell will donate five cents to Canadian mental health programs. These veggies contain a large variety of vitamins and minerals, all of which are integral in the process of building testosterone naturally.
There are studies out there that have shown that people who have a diet that includes a high level of DIM will also be creating a lot more testosterone.

ADVERTISEMENT CoffeeWhile caffeine is something you can easily get addicted to, the content of one or two cups of coffee in the morning is a great way to get your metabolism going first thing. If you love coffee, make sure you switch to decaf around midday so you can fall asleep when bedtime comes.YogurtWhen your digestive system is in good working order, your energy improves automatically. If you have never heard of that before, it is a chemical that occurs naturally in the body and it helps to promote DNA repair in cells. Yogurt, especially of the Greek or Icelandic varieties, is full of good bacteria called Probiotics that greatly help with digestion.

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