Jo started the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating and weight loss plans when we first launched back in 2010 and with two little girls and a busy family life, Jo’s 20kg weight loss has been an inspiration to mums all over the country. And we are so happy that Jo is a fan of our Healthy Mummy Smoothies too and we are delighted that she has answered a Q&A for us on how she has kept her weight off and has adopted a new healthy lifestyle for her and her family – GO JO! I’m 23 and had my baby just over 3 months ago, during my pregnancy I gained 20kg, mainly due to my naughty junk food cravings. 6 weeks post-baby, I got depressed at what I saw in the mirror…baby was out but I still looked pregnant! I decided to take control and start the Lose Baby Weight smoothie program. Since then I am happy to report that I have lost the rest of my baby weight (12kg!) & gone down 2 dress sizes!!!

I love that the healthy mummy smoothies are breastfeeding friendly & there are many smoothie recipes on the site to try- so my taste buds are never bored! If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine. I felt a bit disheartened at the end of my first week on the 28 day plan when i weighed in and it showed only a difference of -0.1kg , but i am detirmined to keep going and see what happens.
Best to check with your Dr and show him the ingredients (all natural) so they can advise if it would irritate your stomach.
The smoothies were my main meals during the day and I still had yummy healthy snacks, but evening meals with my family were just the same (healthier versions of) as before.

I was still in my largest maternity clothes with my baby was 7 months old, depressed and lacking any energy or motivation. Maybe my body is different and its gonna take a couple of weeks of being on the plan for any real results to show? Many of my friends and family have also used Lose Baby Weight’s and lost a load of weight. top ten fat burners work
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