The Concept: they give you these little boxes and you can eat a certain amount of food for each colour, based on your poundage and weight loss goals.
My second box of it was the vegan chocolate and tropical strawberry and the tropical strawberry was just nasty! I am staying pretty much with it and I’m and easy size 16 now (-started at size 22, remember), I have lost 20 lbs. I have just begun my 21 Day Fix journey, and like you, believe it to be a lifestyle and not a diet.
Hi Mariah, I used to do Weight Watchers many moons ago when they had exchanges but would like to start 21 day fix now. If YOU are serious about wanting to LOSE FAT FAST then give me just 21 Days and Gill & I will PROMISE you 5-10lbs of Fat Loss in JUST 21 DAYS!

However I will be popping in every week to make sure you are getting the BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE! No Application, No Waiting, Just commit to 21 Days and You will be A LEANER & BETTER YOU! I had a rough go of it recently with one of my best friends coming to visit and we went The Ice Cream Route because really, that’s So. You can fill that green box up a certain number of times a day, according to how much you weigh. Then you just figure out the total serving size for the meal, and then what you are consuming. It was worth it, but like anything that’s a lot of fun but not so good for you, I had to wake up, wipe those doritos off of my backside and get back with the The 21 Day Fix.

It’s like a big lasso, pulling you back into clean eating and moderate portions, but without gold stars, weigh-ins and meetings. Or running after small children who either run UP hill or DOWN hill but either way, it equates A LOT OF EXERCISE for Mama.

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