Ask people about their ideal body and many will say, “I want to see my abs!” Well, believe it or not, getting a flat belly and even the ever-elusive 6-pack is actually straightforward if you follow the right advice. While I suggest that my listeners and fans take a long-term approach to health, body composition, nutrition, and fitness, short-term goals like getting defined abs are a key part of the journey for many folks. Hi, I’m Tyler and I’m going share the exact exercises and methods that I personally use on my clients to help them build abs that look as good as they perform. Fat-burning nutrition is straightforward, but it accounts for 80% of your fat loss results! Now, hopping on a cardio machine for 30-60 minutes a day is NOT an effective way to lose fat.
As interval training, or metabolic conditioning, goes mainstream, fitness marketers are complicating the process saying you need this or that piece of equipment to get the best fat loss results. A sprint session 2 times a week will send your metabolism into overdrive, increase your performance, and improve your cardiovascular system.
If you’re not already in decent shape, it’s important to start slowly increase your speed and intensity over a few weeks.
Perform 2 cardio workouts a week using one of the recommendations above and you will be burning off stubborn belly fat and on your way to revealing your flat stomach!
But there’s one more step to getting killer abs… They need to be balanced, strong, and toned. The most effective way to get defined, toned abs isn’t to add more and more reps your exercises, it’s to increase the difficulty of the exercise (known as a movement progression).
Lie down on your back with your feet toward the sky and press your lower back into the ground as you squeeze your abs.
Now get out there and eat right, burn some fat with intense cardio training, follow one of the 7 ab exercises listed above and get awesome abs that look as good as they perform! Ok, so this sounds dumb, but does 20 total reps mean 4 sets of 5 reps apiece, or 4 sets of 20 reps apiece? Love your show, have listened to just about every ep more than once, ironically, working at a coca cola DC. With that said, I am now looking to lose that little pudgy pocket of skin that I cant seem to get rid of, I am guessing it is what retention along with the top layer of fat over my belly.
After years of frustration, sickness, and increasing flab, I stopped listening to the “experts,” “gurus,” and even my doctors.
GET FAT-BURNING SECRETSGET MY BEST FAT-LOSS SECRETS, TIPS & TRICKS SENT RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX. Loren Cordain: The Paleo Diet, Young Robb Wolf, and Why Saturated Fat is the Bees KneesIn today's show I welcome Dr. Youa€™re tight on timea€¦youa€™re not a professional chefa€¦and the last thing you want to worry about is what to have for dinner. Yuri Elkaim here a€“ NY Times bestselling author, famous nutritionist and health expert, and naturally lazy dad of 3 young boys a€“ and Ia€™m going to help you solve each of those problems right here on this page. And you certainly dona€™t want to search the Internet or your library of diet and cookbooks for healthy meals that end up taking forever to make.
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If youa€™re a man who wants to pack on muscle, then you these recipes will help as well a€“ youa€™ll just want to eat much more of them in conjunction with a proper weight training program. If you’ve struggled to maintain low body fat during training (or even in your everyday life), this show is about to blow your mind. Today we’re here with bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint and head honcho at Mark’s Daily Apple, Mr. You’re about to learn a revolutionary way of training so that you can run, swim and bike faster with less effort. There’s something kinda weird about the notion that you’re training hard and your ability to go fast in the race sort of depends on how light you are, and yet the training doesn’t bring you to your ideal body composition.
Turns out, many of these people are stuck in this rut where they become so dependent on carbohydrates for fuel, on glycogen in their muscles, and also on exogenous feedings of glucose throughout training and racing that they never really get to be good fat-burners.
If you trained in a way that promoted fat-adaptation, and ate a diet that would reconfigure your enzyme systems to upregulate so you’d burn more fat and less carbs, you could become a fat-burning beast and keto-adapted.
If you become good at burning fat, then all of that shifts and now you’re burning fat for fuel even when you’re walking around the house doing nothing.

When you limit that heart rate to the low end, that’s the heart rate at which you can put oxygen through so efficiently you could be running and breathing through your nose, or having a conversation with your training partner and not get out of breath. What we’re doing is training the efficiency of the body to become faster and faster at that rate where you burn mostly fat. Abel: This reminds me of when I first started experimenting with non-traditional approaches to running. On one marathon training run, I decided to do the first half in that cruise mode, breathing through my nose nice and easy.
But after the intense race pace runs, I was trashed – immunosuppressed, exhausted, and slightly broken.
So, as long as the daily training gets you to where you need to be performing, then we’ve succeeded. It’s empowering to know I can have fun training, I can put in less struggle and suffering than my officemates who are going to enter that 10k with me and I’m gonna kick their ass just because I know how to train. Abel: How do you maintain fat-burning (aerobic) mode without pushing too far into the anaerobic zone? It takes a lot of courage for someone to do an about-face on something they’ve built their career on. The heart is a demand organ that operates based on the requirements of all muscles and signals of the brain.
If you’re able to run 7 minute miles at 140, but prior to being able to do that you could only run 13 minute miles, you’d have to race your heart up to 180. There’s an argument that you don’t want the heart to get stronger, like when it gets larger and larger because of the demands you put on it. Having run that heart up as high as I possibly could and using the brain to overcome the sense of pain—no-pain-no-gain—and training to struggle and hurt… it has some value in a stoic kind of sense, but it’s not the most efficient way of becoming a good athlete. You have an example in the book where you talk about training low and racing high, can you expand on that?
A race should be something that you wake up that morning and you’re like, “Oh my god, I’ve got a race!” You’re nervous, you clean out your GI tract. What happened to me in my career is I’d have these amazing workouts, I’d finish them and be drained and sick the next day.
Even in your marathon experience, you went hard that second half and had a hard time recovering.
When you go out for an easy, long run of 2 or 3 or 4 hours and punctuate training with intense sprints, it allows you to train with less injury and more joy. From a mental, emotional standpoint, for someone who wants to gun it, what do you recommend to take next step to train in a healthful way? There are people whose day is not made unless they’ve run ten miles and felt that endorphin rush and collapse on the couch.
And I’ve got something to say to the world, and if I don’t say it, I’m not sure who’s prepared to say it the way I would.
I think the concept of ancestral eating, watching sugar, and cutting back on industrial seed oils, eating clean proteins, green veggies… all this comes together. His blog, Mark’s Daily Apple, has paved the way for Primal enthusiasts to challenge conventional wisdom’s diet and exercise principles and take personal responsibility for their health and well-being.
We started an online community with members from all over the world… and we have an exciting announcement.
Alyson and I are having an in-person meetup in Austin during the PaleoFX conference for members of The Tribe—and we’re so stoked to meet you! So if you’d like to meet me, Alyson, and other Tribe members for our first-ever kick-butt Wild party, join the Tribe now! To stay in the loop about our first Tribe meetup, and to get a jumpstart on your fat-burning, Wild journey, join the Tribe today. When you join the Fat-Burning Tribe, you’re going to get brand new complete 30-Day Meal Plans every month (a $47 value)! I also discovered the Maffetone method (and follow his blog and emails!) and started using that for my running. I have found a good proxy for my target heart rate is running with my mouth closed and breathing through my nose. Get your FAT-BURNING goodie bag that will teach you how to quickly and easily eliminate belly fat and reach optimal health. The first is nutrition, the second is cardiovascular exercise and the third is your abdominal exercises.
Since you are reading this on Abel’s site I know you are in good hands when it comes to nutrition, but let’s cover the basics in case you need a refresher.
It’s important to note that if you haven’t mastered pillar #1, then take a step back and focus on your diet first.
But burning fat with interval training is actually straightforward, and I’m going to share a 100% free way and my personal favorite piece of cardio equipment (which only costs $5) to get awesome results as quickly as possible. Instead of hitting the pavement for an extended jog of 30-60 minutes, set out to do 5-10 high-intensity sprints of 40-100 meters.
Inhale and lower both legs toward the ground without letting your back come off the ground. Consistent with your nutrition, consistent with your cardio exercises and be consistent with your functional ab training. He has learned from and trained with some of the top fitness professionals, strength athletes and physical therapists in the US and now spends his time spreading his message of building Strength and Health in order to “look good naked” and live the life of your dreams.
Plus: learn the 3 worst foods you should NEVER eat and the 7 best exercises for rapid fat loss.
How about us people out there with restrictions, but still want to get in the game without hurting ourselves, and hindering ourselves from truly getting our heavenly bodies?? I was also wondering if you had any good exercises for working the abs that go a little further than planks and body weight.
My name is Abel, and a few years ago, I decided to seriously focus on my health and made some alarming discoveries. I buried my nose in the research and experimented on myself like a lab rat until I found the truth. Yet, my wife (Amy) and I still want to ensure that we (and our kids) eat as healthy and deliciously as possible. Wea€™re like stealth fighter jets that get in, get the job done, and return to base as soon as possible.
Plus, youa€™re probably tired of constantly asking yourself a€?whata€™s for dinner?a€? every night, arena€™t you?
Impress your kids and friends with a never-ending supply of mouth-watering meals that theya€™ll fall in love with. Youa€™ll enjoy recipes that are paleo, vegan, raw, and 100% delicious that take less than 15 minutes to prepare. You can even create customized meal plans choosing recipes from our cookbooks and bonus recipes from the Meal Maker itself to suit your own dietary needs and tastes. Thata€™s why wea€™ve put together an exclusive private Facebook group where you can connect with the thousands of other Fat Burning Meal Club members.
This alone saves you hours of needless web surfing and provides delicious variety and structure for you to enjoy. For now, everything is an instantly accessible and downloadable from inside our online platform, which in all honesty saves you time and money and allows you start using the recipes as soon as tonight.
Amy and I have 3 young boys and they eat what we eat, which means our meals need to be healthy and delicious. None of the recipes contain gluten, dairy, or soy and we have many egg-free recipes as well.
On top of all the recipes you'll learn simple and essential cooking techniques that deliver outstanding taste and great nutrition in no time at all.
Wea€™ve committed to making this easy for you to follow and light on your wallet, especially when you consider spending less money dining out and more time dining in and enjoying the food you cook in your own kitchen. CLICKBANKA® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. He’s the bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint and the brand new book, Primal Endurance.
In your new book, you mention that 30% of marathon runners and triathletes are overweight or obese, no better than most couch potatoes. Some of them become fairly good sugar-burners, and some perform pretty well provided they’re given a constant supply of sugar in a race.
The more you can do that, the less you need to tap into those glycogen stores to use that glucose as fuel. So, now you can use the fat and the ketones to unburden yourself from having to take in all this external glycogen.
When they are on that carb-and-run cycle, they overeat just a little carbohydrates and the body tends to store that as excess calories. Let’s talk heart rate: 180 minus your age gives you a pretty good idea of where heart rate should be for long low-endurance activity.
Then it drops to 12, 11, 10—literally you can get down to 7 or 7 ? minute miles at that pace where you’re mostly burning fat. That gives you the base from which to add layers—the speed and the strength, and the things that come later. Then, the second half I decided to really race and watch what my pace looked like while paying attention to the way that I felt and what came naturally for my body.
What we say about racing is you’re preparing for an event—something that’s a challenge greater than what you’d want to take on daily.
I build my base all week and then I go out and play Ultimate Frisbee, and I’m sending my body different signals.
Noakes was the go-to guy in the science of carb management, glycogen management, and the endurance field for years. The old problem with endurance training was that you can get really fit as a sugar burner, but your health is compromised.
Back in late 80’s I set the world record for a mile climb on the versaclimber—I did 5,280 feet in 22:40 minutes.

Now, when you’re getting to the point where you can run a 7 minute mile, you get most of your energy from burning fat.
The brain says, “I’m going to run faster, make the legs work harder.” And that generates a requirement for more blood to be pumped to the areas. You don’t want a larger heart muscle, you just want it to pump less because the demands are less.
If you go to the gym and try to do 150 bicep curls at 75 pounds, your biceps are going say, “I’m out.” But the heart isn’t able to say that. If you’re red-lining for the majority of your training, that’s a far cry from cruising on the highway.
Then I’d go line up at the start of a marathon and I’d be at 70% of what I could have been because I’d trashed myself so much in my training. I’ve got people that have been marathoners for ten years, and now they hike on the weekends. Now there’s enough science and critical mass in the buying public that’s seeking products that it will grow substantially. Many of you have been meeting up in person in your respective cities, which has inspired us to up our game. One of the biggest challenges was that I was already fit, so I would always run way too fast starting out, and then get so sore that I could barely walk the next few days. I was also super embarrassed about how slow I was running and didn’t want anyone to see me and running in the dark, early in the morning. Turns out that is almost exactly the right heart rate when I look down at my Garmin, so I just close my mouth and keep that pace.
Maffetone as the inventor of the 180 formula, he is properly credited and mentioned quite a bit in the Primal Endurance book (which I bought after listening to Abel’s podcast). Inhale and lower both legs towards the ground without letting your back come off the ground.
Now lift your knees up as high as you can and simultaneously (without bending your elbows) pull your hands toward the ground. Keeping your legs locked, explosively lift your legs aiming to touch your feet to the bar and simultaneously (without bending your elbows) pull your hands toward the ground.
Keeping your legs locked, slowly lift your legs aiming to touch your feet to the bar and simultaneously (without bending your elbows) pull your hands toward the ground. The good news is that both exercise programs shouldn’t take more then 3 hours TOTAL per month!
I like working out hard with my limited time at the gym and was looking to do some intense training on my ab core aside from dead lifts and squats. I created this website to share these discoveries and help people achieve their diet goals, in a fun, healthy and sane way!
The one thing they all have in common is that theya€™re low in sugar, allergen-friendly, are quick to make, and taste amazing. Youa€™ll enjoy most of the meals we make at home as well as those from our contributors, which even the pickiest of eaters will fall in love with. Wea€™re confident that you'll absolutely love it but just in case it doesn't work out within your first 30 days, then just let us know and you wona€™t pay a dime. After all, you get to try it out for a full 30 days before deciding if you want to continue. He’s also the original fat-burning beast, an Ultimate Frisbee Warrior, and one day, he hopes to play piano well enough to earn tips at a lounge bar. They can perform for a while until their digestive system shuts down 4 – 5 hours into the race.
It’s a constant battle of going out to run hard tomorrow to burn off the calories you take in today. You’re always coming down to that body fat level that allows you to become a proficient performer. Everyone who’s ever been active knows the difference between “I could do this all day” and “I’m dying.” How do you manage the extremes during training?
Now they realize if they limit themselves to that heart rate, they’re only doing 13 minute miles. I wasn’t going slow enough to train my aerobic system, but I wasn’t going hard enough to train speed or power at the top end. It’s not going to damage the work I did on the fat-burning side, and it will improve the speed side… and the most important thing is that I’m having fun. We all thought that glycogen management was the be-all end-all, but now we realize it’s in fat-burning.
But he realized the science shows you can become good at burning fat by lowering the amount of carbs, especially the simple sugars and processed starches. The problem is we don’t know what 50% that is.” So, our job is finding out what that 50% is and hopefully correcting it as science evolves.
James O’Keefe talks about how it’s much better for your health to focus on a low heart rate during training…. That’s your baseline so that when you drop it down to 5:30 minute miles you’re still burning fat at a much higher rate than the guy next you you who’s burning all sugar.
It will get stronger, but at some point you don’t want it to get stronger because that means the walls are thickening and that means there’s scar tissue forming… and that’s when the electrical activity in the heart gets compromised.
A race should be that opportunity to put all those component parts together that you’ve been working on.
But if they come to me and say they like the idea of more enjoyable training, less time training, and more time enjoying their family, that’s mental focus.
But if you’re going to the gym every day, I guarantee you’re not training effectively and getting the results you could.
He knew about this strategy, but it wasn’t until 4 months ago that he started eating and training this way. So when you do decide to drop the hammer, you’re starting from a fat-burning baseline that’s so much more advanced than everyone around you. Some of that has to do with the fact that I train with young people and I’m able to keep up with them.
I think also medicine is coming on board… this is the way to cure diabetes, autoimmune disease, obesity, and maybe lop dollars off the nation’s health budget.
Would it not be correct to mention Phil Maffetone who invented the 180 minus age formula years ago and coached elite athletes as well as others through this method. I love riding fast and racing, and I’ve completed the mountain bike Leadville 100 and the Dirty Kanza 200 gravel bike race.
If you want to feel overwhelmed and frustrated, then by all means spend hours surfing the web. If you stay on as a Fat Burning Meal Club member thereafter, then you can always cancel at any time. Act now, while this is fresh on your mind and you can start testing these amazing recipes as soon as tonight! ClickBanka€™s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product. It was carb-loading the night before a race, consuming carbs during a race, taking in liquids and staving off walls by continuously adding more carbohydrates. It allows you to race at a proficient “racing weight” rather than carrying around that ten pound backpack of fat. So, you’re in cruise mode instead of looking at the watch and constantly stressed about the numbers. You can train to the point that your training is comfortable so you’re not beaten up and not spending days sore from your last training episode.
You’re going at the rate at which we know oxygen is coming through enough to burn fat, you’re not building up lactic acid.
He wrote a book called The Lore of Running—a 900 page tome that explored all aspects of what it took to become a good endurance athlete, and it mostly centered around glycogen management. Because the fat is already in the muscle, the oxygen is easy to put through because the more mitochondria you have the more fat you can burn, and it just unburdens the heart from having to work so much. The ability to enjoy your life has a lot to do with these other things, other than training. He said, “My Saturday ride used to be 2.5 hours of hammerfest, balls to the wall, eyes popping out. And now, because I’ve maintained my physical ability to move through space and the world without pain, I haven’t had that filter layered over me that says, “You can’t do this.” All I think about is what I can do.
But I want exercise to add to my health and not take it away, so I am dialing back on that intense, always high heart rate training. You can train less now because you don’t have to constantly go out and “burn off” calories.
When you’re building up lactate, which is a sign of going into that overdrive glycogen thing, that’s when you’re out of breath because you’ve got to recycle oxygen to recycle lactate. I used to keep a list of friends that used to be world record holders and gold medalists who’ve had heart attacks and died, or lived and needed pacemakers, or had to get open heart surgeries or had heart problems later in life. If you’re interested in reading about the science, here’s a way of becoming more efficient at burning fat.
In all honesty it has taken me more than 7 months to be able run at my maximum aerobic function.
These first months were often very frustrating as most of my runs were actually done walking to keep my heartrate down. I even started training before sunrise when there was nobody on the streets That was how ambarrassed I was and how bad my baseline was, although I ran 2 to 3 marathons anually. You’re not going die from it, but don’t go out and train hard like you used to because you could die.

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