Had to slow it down tho due to being 7 months pregnate LOLi»?sony Walls: oh gosh this is so good, i really felt my heart throbing,which means i'm alive, excellenti»?as lester: I just finished level 1 and can't wait to start level 2!
Wanted to look at the comments for postive feed back or some advice and realised there are so many haters.
Thanks BeFit team for providing these great workouts!!!i»?Jackie Smith: sweatingi»?sheiki22: this was a good one!!!

A these videos have helped me so much, I can look in the mirror everyday, and fit in my clothes much better and see how much these videos are working, especially since im a more curvy figured woman with hips and booty. Thank you so much!i»?Lion Rose Music: I'm sweating!!i»?Sarah Anderson: Great Workout - ran through it twice - so sore!

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