Hey there, Vic here and I just finished a quick dinner of stir fry chicken and broccoli.  And it was so simple to make!  But then I got to thinking. The other tool that I occasionally use is a slow cooker, but this is not a necessity.  I like the slow cooker mainly for chili, but I have also made delicious chili in the wok.
Again, the items listed above are just my personal preferences and there are a wide variety of spices and seasonings that will work with your fat loss diet. Select spices an other flavors:  Red pepper flakes, garlic, balsamic vinegar, and soy sauce. Select spices and other flavors:  Italian seasonings, chili powder, paprika, cayenne pepper. What kitchen tools and utensils are essential for your fat loss cooking?  What are your favorite spices and flavors?  Let me know in the comments below.

Men Click Here for a FREE presentation with unique tips for losing your belly fat and getting ripped six pack abs. Women Click Here for a FREE presentation with a few “weird” tricks for losing your tummy and getting flat sexy abs. I like your tips because they are helpful for people like me who don’t have much time to cook but want to lose wight.
I wouldn’t use olive oil for high heat cooking such as stir frying because the fats can become easily oxidized. If you do some research you will find there are many health benefits to Coconut oil (unrefined,cold,pressed).
I always try to use a saturated fat for cooking as it is more stable although Olive Oil is very stable for having a lower smoke point.

Hi Vic I like to use a lot of ginger in my cooking, and like you use the george forman grill really quick and use a good frying pan instead of the wok. My local super market does bag of veggies for wok in a minute not as good as doing it myself but really quick also for my fry pan like to splash a little water in and use a lid to steam the veggies cand do fish and eggs with the lid as it cooks the food both sides at once steam on top and direct heat on the bottom speedy! You might want to think about adding some black beans to your beef and broccoli recipe above!
One clove is enough for any dish, and they are also great for your health as well as being tasty.

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