While they may be pretty super, you shouldn’t put all of your attention on any one of them.
Start by introducing a few more foods that burn fat into your diet each week until you find that you’re eating much more of them than you used to.TomatoesIs it a fruit? All you need to know is that it’s got a ton of good things for your body for the long term, and in the short term it works to help you lose weight and help keep it off. They’re low on the calorie meter, but they help to give you that full feeling, and contain fiber that keeps things moving.Like any bona fide superfood tomatoes bring more to the table than just weight loss.
The lycopene brings antioxidants that studies are showing to be potentially helpful with a myriad of diseases and conditions.
There’s no getting around it, oranges do contain sugar, which has the potential to turn to fat if it’s not burned up. Everyone from The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper to the American Heart Association says to make a bowl of oatmeal for the best start to your day.The antioxidants and other minerals oats contain make it a solid choice and not just a source of fiber. Cutting your cholesterol might also be on your list and this is a great way to get those levels down.SpicesThere’s no need to eat bland and boring food when you’re trying to lose weight. Turmeric can help break up fat.Sweet PotatoesOprah likes sweet potatoes, and credits them as part of the reason she lost weight one time. They are so sweet that they can help conquer sweet cravings, and it’s easy to see why they end up in a lot of desserts. But they are low in all of the things that you want them to be like calories, fat, and sodium.

They have a good amount of fiber.The fiber helps you feel full, and keeps you from going mad in between meals.
Just be sure to chew your apple up real well before swallowing, and buy organic so you can leave the peel on.NutsThis is one food that almost every single diet plan in existence suggests you eat.
Nuts are one food that unites the vegetarians and the Paleo followers, and we have yet to find a diet program that says not to eat them. They’re straight from the Earth and a small handful of raw organic almonds, walnuts or pecans can be a crunchy snack that leaves you feeling good for a few hours or more.If you don’t like eating nuts for a snack, try chopping them up and sprinkling them on main dishes or side items. QuinoaThis is been known for some time in the vegetarian realm but is now making the rounds to the mainstream. The weight loss benefits usually come in the form of switching out sides with quinoa instead of more calorie-dense foods like rice or potatoes.
You’ll still get the benefit of rounding out the meal, with the added bonus of the vitamins that quinoa has.If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?
It helps you feel full, doesn’t have a lot of calories, and ranks low on the Glycemic Index.
They are lauded for their ability to help regulate blood sugar levels and help with digestion due to their fiber content. Eggs are a good source of protein, and the main argument is on whether the fat and cholesterol in the yolks is worth eating.Play it safe and get the benefit of the protein without worrying about the yolks. In regards to weight loss the long standing myth that they help you lose weight is being proven left and right by clinical studies.And you don’t have to buy the fruit, you can also simply buy grapefruit juice and start drinking that instead.

Tim Ferriss of The Four Hour Body says he uses grapefruit juice on his “free days” in an effort to avoid the food he’s eating from causing weight gain.Chicken BreastWhile not an option if you’re going vegetarian or vegan, this is often used by dieters and bodybuilders alike because of its high protein value and low amount of fat. Most Americans have no trouble adding chicken to the diet, since it’s one of the most popular meats in the country.Just remember that it should be skinless.
Combined with strength training this can help tone your muscles leading to a higher metabolism.BananasPerhaps it’s because it takes us back to our simian ancestry that makes eating a banana seem natural.
The more studies they do on the effects of bananas in humans, the more attention they get as a definite way to help keep us at our ideal weights. They’re super easy to incorporate into the day, since they’re so versatile.Cut some up and add it to oatmeal, keep a bunch around as a quick grab when you need something sweet or on-the-go.
Just stick to one a day since they are a source of sugar as well.PearsPears often get overlooked as the long lost cousin to apples, but they bring their own unique flavor and host of benefits, including weight loss properties.
They help you feel full when you eat them, and they’ve got a different consistency to apples and other fruits, making their fiber even more effective.They’re also used in plenty of recipes that yield delicious results.
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