With more ZZZ through ZZ4 crate engines sold over the years than any other high performance crate engine, it only makes sense that GMPP would continue to improve that successful family of engines.The new Fast Burn 385 uses the proven ZZ4 short block and ads to it the Fast Burn aluminum cylinder heads for 385 value packed horsepower.
The small block Chevy was improved over time to allow for 4 inch cylinder bores and increased main and rod journal diameter. GM Performance MotorĀ is an authorized GM dealer that sells genuine GM Performance Parts online with most Engines in Stock.
With value in mind, the Fast Burn 385 uses stamped steel rocker arms and the same ZZ4 camshaft that powers thousands of hot rods.The Fast Burn 385 is an excellent choice for the basis of a custom engine. This brand-new, factory-sealed racing engine is based on the popular Fast Burn 385-horsepower street crate engine, but includes a racing-only 8-quart circle track oil pan, with dual kick-out design, along with a valve cover breather kit and special ""kool nut"" rocker arm design.

Browse or search our selection of GM Performance Engines, we have in stock and ready to ship to you. Its strong forged steel crankshaft and forged powdered metal connecting rods have been proven to 500 horsepower. Easily the 350 was the most common and popular among motor heads as it was plentiful and easy to boost the power on. GM Performance offers several options for your small block platform from basic to stroker engines. We'll help you get the tech knowledge and parts to build the small block that is perfect for your ride.

We have some of the lowest prices on GM Performance Parts, GM Performance Engines, and GM Performance Transmissions.

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