Workout routines using the 5 day split technique. A good 5 day workout routine trains one or more parts of your body for each day. As you can see from the sample above that you would get three days of rest in a week and repeat one workout per week with cardio perhaps on rest days.
Since you are giving your muscles almost 96 hours of rest between each body part it's crucial that you are focused and apply advanced training principles to tax each muscle. These fitness programs have been approved by Myfit because they are of the highest quality.
MyFit Created WorkoutsAll of our workouts have been carefully created by a long time award winning Personal Trainer.
In Part 1, I talked through those all-important points for building strength and muscle mass, including time under tension, tempo, exercise selection and building a strong base.
Research has proven that the sweet spot for building muscle size is between 8-12 rep ranges. I personally like 6-12 reps which, as we talked about in part 1, is about 60-85% of your 1 rep max.
Most people go into a set with a rep range in mind which is a good thing, but most of the time that weight is too light and the lifter stops at the designated rep range. If you are in the middle of a set and realize it is too light, that’s when you can throw in a little tempo training. Michael is a strength coach who specializes in functional strength, fat loss and athletic performance. He has a degree in Kinesiology, is CSCS certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Certified K-12 P.E and Health in Missouri. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Michael moved to St Louis in 2002 to play soccer and now co-owns his own functional training facility called Defining Natural Ability (DNA). He believes when it comes to a healthy lifestyle it is a mind, body and spirit commitment to become the best version of yourself.

JOE’s resident videographer and Photoshop genius Peter Cooney wants to get ripped in eight weeks. JOE’s resident videographer and Photoshop genius Peter Cooney wants to get ripped in eight weeks. In saying that though, there have been times in the last week when the monotony has gotten to me. Sunday evening, the sunlight wrestles with the buildings on Georges St, a glimmer creeps in the window of the Pitt Bros.
For example, you may decide to work your chest on Monday, back and shoulders on Tuesdays, arms on Wednesday, Legs on Thursday, and abs on Friday. Using a timer to time your sets to make sure each set lasts at least 40-50 seconds and using drop sets at the end of each body part will help do so. Pause at bottom for four seconds or slow down your eccentric or lowering portion of the movement to increase the time under tension and give yourself a better chance of getting those gains.
This varies from coach to coach, but for the purpose of this program this is what the number means. When I began, this point seemed like an age away and I struggled to see myself getting here. At times it feels like every waking minute is devoted to eating and training, and in many ways it is.
My fears of a low carb week were allayed when I discovered my body fat had dropped to 9.7%.
Focused, I walk eagerly to the counter, 'Eh Pulled Pork with mac & cheese, fries, and a bottle of Brooklyn Lager, I say to the cashier, 'Ant won't like this', I say nonchalantly to myself. I'm genuinely looking forward to the final measurements on Wednesday and just need to give it one last push.

It is just as important to have rest time to allow your muscles and body to recover completely. I have gone through the week feeling somewhat robotic, wake, eat every three hours, sleep, only to wake up and do it all over again. To say I was elated, is an understatement.  It's moments like that, when I don't mind being that robot. Accompanied by my fiance (She refers to herself as the Messi of Roller Derby BTW), I enter the restaurant.
I genuinely couldn't have gotten this far without the unbelievable advice and training from Ant and the lads in Raw; it has gained is reputation as one of the best gyms around for good reason. Fully aware of the delicious pulled pork that sits in front, my eyes are fixed, like very fixed eyes, on the bottle of Brooklyn Lager in front of me. And sure I'd be nothing if it wasn't for Courtney's who have been incredibly supportive in my endeavor and always on hand to provide me with the best meat a man could be eating. I sit down, menu placed in front, my eyes pace around the card before settling on the pulled pork. One sip, two sips, like liquid gold pouring down my throat, although not as hot, I assume liquid gold would have to be melted in a very high heat and would not be pleasant to drink, but you know what I mean.

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