So if you want to see my first few posts on my turnaround challenge you can find them below. I’m going to look into these products because I desperately need to lose weight and gain energy. Erin – Congratulations on being so brave to not only make the decision to be healthier, but to stick with it, and go VERY public with it.
I like the idea of doing something for 30 days to make it a habit – I really need to drink more water and set and example to my children. You are such a beautiful young lady and it looks like you are choosing a healthy way to lose weight…so much safer and you’re creating a stronger body! I started my journey last March it has been a hard road, but when I stepped on the scale this last Sunday to be down 101 lbs, it was over the moon and couldn’t believe I let myself get to where I was.
Goal 2: Improve my joint and muscle strength and endurance to the point that I no longer felt so sore from the workouts. Goal 3: Be able to do the Turbofire workouts, an advanced-level workout that looked like so much fun! We run around and play, I ran my first 5k a few weeks ago and didn’t die, and I am eating pretty clean and healthy still following my turnaround challenge.
I am so glad you changed your mind about sharing your story with others, I think it will help so many people and show others that it is possible to get fit and be happy with yourself. I am currently at 284lbs, and have struggled with my weight for the past 28 years (I will be 36 on June 28th).

I created an amazing community on a private facebook group for Mom’s to get ideas and have a great accountability group.
And shopping for clothes that actually fit me and fit me comfortably is really all I wanted in the beginning. It was so hard to go public with it but if it could help just one other Mom it would be worth it for me! When I first started in January I was so tired of being overweight, having no energy and feeling terrible all of the time. I was so disgusted with myself that I didn’t even take ANY pictures of myself when I started this except for this very small one with my cell phone. I have always been picked on and made fun of, and like you were before your new beginning, I am absolutely disgusted with myself. Before I got pregnant this last time, I went from a size 32 to a size 20…having lost 65 lbs.
The warehouse that we have has shelving so tall, that one must use a 12 foot ladder to reach the top.
Walking a mile a day, following the turnaround challenge that was laid out easy for me, and drinking more water. But then people started asking me about what I was doing and other people began to do their own turnaround challenges with me and they began to see amazing results too.
What is really interesting is that if you would have asked me in January what I liked to do for exercise I would have cringed.

I know working again is going to be a life saver, because I find I am more energetic, and I look forward to the activity that work brings.
I used to say I wanted to be a certain weight by a certain time but then I realized that wasn’t really that fun.
So I colored in everyday on my calendar with a highlighter that I exercised and followed my turnaround plan.
I didn’t exercise on Sundays sometimes but sometimes I just took walks with the kids or rested.
And what is funny is that I look in that closet and most of those clothes are gone and have been donated now because they don’t fit! I saved those…because in the back of my mind, I knew I would get back into them one day.
Shaklee actually has a cool app you can log all of your food and exercise on which keeps me accountable.

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