In fact, your own bodyweight is all you need to effectively exercise and achieve the shape you want. Athletes also make use of bodyweight training – it has become an essential component of the most effective workout plans, whether for fat burning or for building muscle.To burn the most amount of fat in the shortest amount of time, the following moves are best Jumping JacksMarvelous in their simplicity, Jumping Jacks are extremely effective despite seeming quite basic. As well as being an awesome way to warm up, Jumping Jacks can definitely help you burn fat and get fit. They also assist the rest of your workout in being as effective as possible when used a warm up move.Push-UpsWhen looking for an upper body workout, the classic push up will always win when compared to barbell and dumbbell workouts.

Some may argue that they are much safer for  the shoulders than weight bearing exercises.  The multitude of variations to try allow one to adjust the difficulty level – another point in favor of the push up! Jumping rope is the only exercise  mentioned that requires something other than your body, but the versatile move is worth the minimal expense of a jump rope.
However, one can get creative and increase the intensity of this move by altering pace and trying different manners of jumping. For example, try jumping side to side or crossing the rope over in order to practice agility.To make sure you feel the burn in your calves, jump on the balls of your feet and do not let your heels touch the ground.

Keeping the intensity high is a great method of burning through calories easily and melting fat fast!These workout moves are perfect to use when you are traveling or have a limited budget – make the most of your own bodyweight and get into shape on the cheap!Also Check out The 7 Minute Scientific Workout or the Alternate 7 Min Workout.

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