Our Ultra Lite Program is an amazing program that will enable you to shed kilos but learn how to eat forever.  This will be one program you will never regret. Female:                               2-3 kilo’s in your first week and 1-2 kilos per week thereafter.
Male:                                    3-4 Kilo’s in your first week and 2-3 Kilos per week thereafter.
There are currently 11 Health Funds that support the Ultra Lite Program.  Please enquire with reception about how to claim and what steps will be required to obtain your rebate from your health fund.

You will be required to book an appointment with one of our trained consultants.  They will complete a full health check on you and body assessment and explain the diet in more detail.
If you decide to proceed you will need to book an initial appointment at which time we will teach you how to use your manual, explain the processes and give you your kit for 5 weeks. You will then commence the program and come back and see us every week for the duration of your program for us to weigh and measure you, discuss your progress and to motivate and encourage you. Consultants:       Paula, Caroline, Tanya, and Kirrilee are all trained Ultra Lite Consultants.

Call now 4728 7165 or submit your interest online for a FREE information session to find out more details on joining. Shop 11, Rising Sun Shopping Centre, Cnr Ross River & Bowen Roads, Mundingburra, Townsville.

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