This program provides an individualized plan with a wholesome food menu, a customized exercise prescription, stress management tools, sleep considerations and many tried and true tips to assist you in navigating through healthy choices, becoming a healthier you. Located 1½ block from Church Circle at the corner of West Street and City Gate Lane with ample parking in the rear. Some two years ago it dawned on me i was nowhere in the physical condition i should be in at my age and that i needed to something about it.¬†For the first year or so i did various bodypart splits in the gym with some success.
Apart from shifting 15kg of lard off and giving me a great foundation of strength, my posture has significantly improved along with my self esteem. I spent 4 months building strength before it dawned on me i had to lose weight before i start facing health problems.
Now my goals are simple, shift the remaining lard and work my way towards a 800kg PL total.
While I generally advise against this another option is to perform one 5×5 workout day.

In only 53 weeks, he lost 16kg of almost pure fat, without hardly doing any cardio, and while doubling his Squat from 220lb to 440lb. The next 8 months i did maintenance with a break over christmas due to finals and tweaking my shoulder from bad dip form.
Again i want to thank the StrongLifts Members for the support and advice they have given me on this journey.
Thanks for visiting!With all of the different types of training systems and methods around today it is easy to get caught up in the hype and jump from workout to workout.
Once the results start to slow down you’ll want to steadily increase the weight used. The accessory movements that are done after the 5×5 should be done to make the other main movements improve. Here’s his amazing success story that Bjarni posted inside the StrongLifts Community.

I probably wouldn’t have made it this far without the awesome support of the StrongLifts Community here. It’s even easier to get caught up in the confusion of the systems and be left with more questions than actions. Fortunately the 5×5 workout is simple yet very effective for increasing muscle mass and strength gains.
If the 5×5 exercise is the deadlift then you should focus on hamstring curls, glute strength and forearm exercises.
I advise that you rest at least 2 days post workout and if you want to do another mini 5×5 day where you focus on your quads and hamstrings with some accessory work then go right for it.

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