While I had tried to lose weight so many times before, something about knowing that I had to set a good example for my baby girl made this time so much different. Even as I began this journey nearly 5 years ago, I really had no clue what I was getting myself into. My journey took its next big step in June 2011 when I decided to register for the 2012 Disney Marathon.
I started playing with the idea of more intense strength training sessions for my cross training.
My journey since starting to CrossFit has been completely different than it was when I first set out to lose weight. In the time that we have owned our gym I have continued to make great strides in my own health and fitness journey. Hey, I just looked at your website and , first of all, I am thinking that Michael and I should do some kind of website like this! 2 personal training sessions or 1 month access to group classes or $100 (cash equivalent value). My father, Dan, watched the movie Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead and decided to try a juice fast himself (which was successful… he did a 60-day juice fast and lost 60lbs! I definitely noticed how much better I slept at night and I felt like my energy level was a lot higher.
Reboot’s Success Stories feature real stories from real people around the world who have changed their lives after completing a Reboot.
Go to the Fat Sick & Nearly Dead Face Book Page, there is a lot of support there and people will answer all your questions. We offer plans that we think are really sustainable for long-term change and which will help train you to have better eating habits on a whole, after the juicing is done. Does your fast consist only of strictly juice every day for 60 days or can you have some solids to eat? Since my last weigh in 10 days ago I have lost a total of 6lb which takes my current weight to 180lbs. The slowdown in weight loss following the first 10 days of fasting was very much expected, but I am delighted with 6lbs loss in 10 days which averages out at 0.6lb weight loss each day. I didn’t really expect to see much, if any, difference in inches this time but I have managed to drop 2” of my waist making a 3” loss in total. My target weight loss for the completed 60 day juice fast is 30lbs, so with a total of 20lbs already lost I now just have 10lbs to lose to meet my goal.
My next weigh in will be in 10 days time at day 30 – the half-way point of this 60 day juice fast. If you haven’t already done so, then do please read my 60 Day Juice Fast introduction for more information on my fast. Hi… Im going on holiday in 3 months time, and would love to think I was well on my way to losing the 20 pounds!!! I am very interested in completing a fast but am also quite physically active, swimming about 2 KM a day. I was just wondering when you were doing the 60 day cleanse what did you put in your juice ananother question did you have any solids during the 60 day?
Welcome to Juice Fast, your one stop resource for everything to do with fruits & vegetable juice fasting.
Lunge and Reach is a dynamic routine that builds functional strength and raises your heart rate to the fat burn zone.

Kbands Performance is all about having some fun with sports related moves and getting great body sculpting results every set.
I focused more on training than weight loss, so my weight pretty much stayed in the 200-210 range throughout those six months I trained.
I began with the Body Sculpting Bible for Women, moved on to New Rules of Lifting for women and was really liking it. I continued to lose fat, gain muscle, and most importantly I learned to be happy and confident in my own skin. The truth is my weight on the scale currently isn’t much different from what it was before I got pregnant. Participants will receive special discounts for personal training and additional group classes; subject to availability. Really the only bad part for me was the first week, as is the case I think with most people.
I was hungry a lot that week, so I was drinking a lot of water to try and curb my appetite. Get inspired with their stories of weight loss, health improvements, lifestyle transformations, and more.
I started at the same weight as you, but am down to 235 after one 10 day fast and one 7 day fast.
My hips and chest have remained the same as when last measured 10 days ago, but both my arm and thigh have lost a further 0.5” from each.
If you can’t rest more during your regime then I would suggest adding in spirulina powder to your juices to boost protein and help preserve muscle. Kbands Burn takes body squats to a whole new level, toning your legs and butt from every angle. Neither Kbands Training or anyone associated with Kbands Training will be responsible for any injuries sustained while using our products. I tried many different styles of eating – From Strict Paleo to a Bodybuilder type nutrition plan. I weigh over 200lbs and have grown very discouraged because most of my family is obese and I just can’t seem to lose weight, even when I try really hard.
All participants must be signed-up and have a Fitness Assessment completed prior to January 9, 2013. I missed going out to the weekly family Mexican dinner night and enjoying some margaritas with the family. Reboots are not recommended for everyone, and before commencing a Reboot or any other nutritional or dietary regimen, you should consult with your qualified health care provider in order to assess any potential benefits or risks to you with consideration of your personal medical situation.
I only did a 10 day juice only diet during my vacation last summer of 2011 after watching Fat Sick and Nearly dead and I went from 240lbs to 199lbs. To ensure resistance training is right for you, we recommended consulting a physician or professional before starting any workout routine or weight loss program. After dipping my foot into the world of lifting I felt confident enough to try CrossFit as a part of a 60 day fat loss challenge.
I’ve found that balance and moderation are the keys to maintaining health and happiness. Whether it is to lose weight, heal your relationship with food, or to be a better wife & mom you can do it one choice at a time.
Excited because I was going to be able to eat real food again, but nervous because I didn’t want to screw up all the success that I had by blowing it and falling into my old ways.

You should also continue to work closely with your qualified health care provider if you intend to engage in a long-term Reboot. My question is for the individuals that have been on the juice fast for a while or if you have completed one. Choose your level of Kbands resistance and start burning hundreds of calories every workout. Ultimately my goal when I started this journey to health was to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes… which I did sometime in July of 2010. Because going from being overweight to being obsessed about food is like trading one prison for another.
My new goals have become to maintain a steady workout routine and to make smarter decisions when it comes to eating. I was a huge fast food junkie, and was always staying up late watching TV and finding something to munch on. I never pushed this program on anyone, I just blogged about my experience as it was happening and I was amazed at the amount of feedback I got from people that wanted to give it a shot as well.
I go to the store once a week and buy a lot of fresh produce, as much organic as they have available. It accounted for the infertility as well as moodiness, fatigue and inability to lose weight.
The decision I made nearly 5 years ago to pursue health is one that changed my life forever.
I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their quality of life! 2 weeks after starting the medicine we conceived our beautiful daughter, so weight loss was off the table for the next 9 months. It had then been 2 years since I started my journey and I really had to fight negative self-talk about how far I had (or hadn’t) come.
What I do know is that I feel fantastic and never get sick, so I do it for the nutrition, immune health benefits and weight management. We have a similar shape and your after pictures give me hope that one day I am going to LOVE the way I look. I also like to chase it down with a few ounces of warm water with a dash of organic turmeric and cumin (read about all the great health benefits of some of the spices.) A breakfast organic fruit juice is a fuji apple, orange, pear, small lemon, and about an inch of ginger root. I then pour it in a blender and add frozen organic blueberries, raspberries and cranberries and sometimes a banana.
I do a fruit juice one morning and then alternate the next day with a protein drink (Spirutein base) almond or coconut milk and frozen organic fruit. Fruits and vegetables are fun to mix different ways and I don’t think you can go too wrong. Have fun with it, and make adjustments until you find out how much produce you’ll use each week.

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