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Okay so first thing you want to make sure you turn the temperature off, and then take this scraper and take the grease or any of the residual food product and bring it to the front.
There are two methods to cleaning the Vollrath griddle--the water method and the griddle stone method. Watch this video for a demonstration on how to use your 1800W, 120V Vollrath countertop griddle!
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Spatula wide is a term people will use and it means that the width of your spatula that you typically use for turning that could fit in this trough or the front grease area that you pull the grease into the center. This unit doesna€™t have it, but if you take this unit and put it on a bit of an angle, I dona€™t know if you can see that back there, it still works.

And the important thing to remember again about our electric griddles, these are not the solution. Here wea€™re looking for operators that we can provide a solution for something that is small, portable, flexible.
Again, unique specialty items maybe in the case of this unit for being outdoors at a brunch setting, something else thata€™s a specialty type settinga€”120V caterers, food brokersa€”this is something nice for like convenience stores. So the first method, wea€™ll take watera€”just plain tap watera€”wea€™ll put it on here, and ita€™s going to create some steam. Last time it fogged that mirror up a little bit, but what ita€™s going to do, ita€™s going to boil up this little bit of debris thata€™s on the top.
They can cook the eggs on here and then theya€™ll take them and put the sandwiches in their little merchandiser units. The most wattage you can put on a 120V circuit is 1800W, so we are maxed out on this product. So what Ia€™d like to show you today, Ia€™m just going to cook some bacon try to make a mess on it to show you how to clean it up now. Not ice cubes, any liquid thata€™s just going to give you something here to have that product boil up.
Bacona€™s a pretty messy product, but we all know how we could cook pancakes on here, eggs, toasted sandwiches, anything you can cook on a normal griddle, you would certainly be able to prepare on these griddles.

With that you want to take a little oila€”just fryer oil, vegetable oil, doesna€™t mattera€”little bit of oil that acts as a lubricant now for this pummus stone.
Just to season all you want to do is get the griddle hot, let the oil work into it, wipe it down, lower temperatures just let that oil kind of absorb into it.
All Ia€™m trying to do with this bacon is just show you that 1800W of power is plenty of power for anything you want. You can see here how ita€™s going to get that griddle back toa€¦especially this side that I focused on. Then, you want to go back over it again with a towel or something and then someone in the last session suggested that you might even want to go back over it again with the water to get any of that little bit of pummus that is left there and a 3M scrub pad when it cools down a little more just to make sure you get all that pummus off.
But you can see this side that I focused on with the pummus, the griddle stone, how much cleaner it got.

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