KB: My boyfriend at the time, now husband, encouraged me to start lifting weights versus being a cardio-bunny. KB: I have a 1-year-old daughter now, so I stick to short and sweet 30-minute workouts usually around her nap time. PS: What was the first big difference, other than the number on the scale, that really made you feel proud and excited? KB: At first I took progress pictures and measurements, but these days I like to have my body fat measured by a nutritionist. KB: Baby spinach, egg whites, whole-wheat bread, salsa, chicken, extra-lean turkey, meal-replacement shake. KB: I like to tell people it took me two months before I saw a big difference with eating healthily. I knew I would never stick with a diet, so I started making small changes like going out to eat less, cooking meals at home, and committing to the gym three workouts a week.

I was afraid of bulking up but he explained that women don't produce enough testosterone to bulk up like a bodybuilder and explained that muscle would tone my body. I gained only 30 pounds with my pregnancy and was back in my prepregnancy jeans in a few months. Since we work in the fitness industry, we like to be able to indulge but also stick with our fitness goals. Most people don't realize that nutrition makes up 80 percent of our results and exercise is 20 percent. It comes courtesy of fitness coach Kelsey Byers, who blogs at Good Morning Fitness and is part of our POPSUGAR Select Fitness program.
I am actually very grateful for that "reality check." Yes, it was mean, but it ignited that fire of motivation. One week I might lift heavier with lower sets and repetitions, the following week I might lower the weight and increase my sets and reps.

With that being said, it's not necessary to become a slave to the gym; just focus on your nutrition first and foremost.
If we are going out to eat and I'm sticking to a healthy menu that evening, I typically order grilled chicken with no butter and no oil. I think I felt most proud when I was invited to shoot for Oxygen magazine's fat-loss cover. I created a free pregnancy and postpregnancy workout program, and it's available on my blog.

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