European Union leaders agreed Friday to step up moves to cut energy dependency, notably on Russia, after events in Ukraine.EU Council president Herman Van Rompuy said the bloc's 28 leaders had agreed at a two-day summit to outline an energy security framework at their next top-level meeting in June. In areas without active Zika virus transmission, the FDA recommends that donors at risk for Zika virus infection be deferred for four weeks. In areas with active Zika virus transmission, the FDA recommends that Whole Blood and blood components for transfusion be obtained from areas of the U.S.
In addition to protecting the nation’s blood supply, the FDA is also prioritizing the development of blood screening and diagnostic tests that may be useful for identifying the presence of the virus.
Spread your fingers wide, and create a straight line between your middle fingers and elbows. Shift your weight onto your hands and your left foot equally, and raise your right leg into the air.
From Downward Dog, pop your left leg back up for a quick Three-Legged Dog, and step your left foot forward between your hands. From Warrior 1 with your right knee forward, lower your torso and lift your left leg, bringing your body parallel with the ground. From Downward Facing Dog, step your right foot forward between your palms and come back to Warrior 1. Extend your arms out in T-position as you rotate your torso to the left, coming into Warrior 2. From Downward Facing Dog, step your right foot forward between your hands, and rise up into Warrior 1.
Place your left hand on your left hip, and stretch your right arm straight out, creating length through the right side of your body.
From Downward Facing Dog, step your right foot forward for Warrior 1, and open up into Warrior 2. Straighten your right leg and turn your left toes slightly to the right, making a 45-degree angle.
After Triangle Pose, on your left side, slowly lift your torso up, and bend your left knee, coming into Warrior 1. Lower your elbows toward your chest and rotate your torso to the left, crossing your right elbow over your left thigh. Move your left hand over to the right so it's at the centre of your mat (still at the top of your mat).

Keep both arms as straight as possible and lengthen your spine, imagining it is a sturdy staff or cane someone would use to walk with.
From Staff Pose, bend your right knee and place the sole of your foot against your inner thigh, pulling your heel as close to your body as you can.
Food and Drug Administration issued a new guidance recommending individuals wait a month before donating blood if they have been to areas with active Zika virus transmission, potentially have been exposed to the virus, or have had a confirmed Zika virus infection. Persons considered to be at risk include individuals who have had symptoms suggestive of Zika virus infection during the past four weeks, those who have had sexual contact with a person who has traveled to, or resided in, an area with active Zika virus transmission during the prior three months, and those who have traveled to areas with active transmission of Zika virus during the past four weeks.
It is also preparing to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of investigational vaccines and therapeutics that might be developed, and reviewing technology that may help suppress populations of the mosquitoes that can spread the Zika virus.
Department of Health and Human Services, promotes and protects the public health by, among other things, assuring the safety, effectiveness, and security of human and veterinary drugs, vaccines and other biological products for human use, and medical devices. Fight the appearance of bulge by strengthening and lengthening these muscles, helping to tighten the body along its sides. Your wrists should be underneath your shoulders, and your knees should be underneath your hips. Then exhale to lift your hips, coming into an upside-down "V" shape called Downward Facing Dog. Try to keep your shoulders parallel with the ground, and gaze at your left thigh or up toward your belly to help you stay balanced. Then come back to Downward Facing Dog, lift up into Three-Legged Dog on the right, and step your right foot forward to do Warrior 1 on the other side. If it bothers your shoulders to press your hands together, separate your arms so they're shoulder-width apart. Ideally, your front thigh should be parallel to the ground and your right knee directly over your right ankle. Actively press your right triceps into your left quad to lift your chest as high as you can. Roll over to your left side and plant your left heel down so you are balancing on the outside edge of your left foot, stacking your flexed feet. Place your palms flat on the floor beside your hips, actively pressing them into the ground.
Rest your hands on the floor on either side of your leg, on your shin, or wrapped around your left foot.

Furthermore, about four out of five of those infected with Zika virus do not become symptomatic. Blood establishments may continue collecting and preparing platelets and plasma if an FDA-approved, pathogen-reduction device is used. The agency also is responsible for the safety and security of our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, dietary supplements, products that give off electronic radiation, and for regulating tobacco products. Relax your head between your arms, and direct your gaze through your legs or up toward your belly button. If extending your arms creates pain or pressure in your lower back, rest your hands on your hips. Lower your right hand, resting it on your right shin or a block, or place your palm flat on the floor.
For these reasons, the FDA is recommending that blood establishments defer blood donations from individuals in accordance with the new guidance.
The guidance also recommends blood establishments update donor education materials with information about Zika virus signs and symptoms and ask potentially affected donors to refrain from giving blood. But for a number of eastern EU countries -- Finland, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the Baltic states -- Russia's state-controlled gas company Gazprom is virtually the sole provider.
Repeat Warrior 3 on the left side, stepping back to Warrior 1 once you've finished, then releasing to Downward Facing Dog.
Many of these countries fear a tit-for-tat escalation of sanctions between Russia and the EU over the crisis in Crimea could lead to their gas supplies being affected. Lithuania, which is wholly reliant on Gazprom for its supplies, is developing a floating LNG gas terminal which, it hopes, will insulate the Baltic country from future disruptions of its gas supply.
Lithuania pays between 30 and 40 percent more for Russian natural gas than the EU average, with Estonia and Latvia not far behind.

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