For thousands of years, people have used acupuncture and acupressure as alternative ways to treat their health issues and reduce the symptoms of certain conditions. Hence, if you need to treat certain body organ and enhance its activity, you need to massage the point on the body which is related to it.
With following these instructions, your will boost your metabolism, as a result, you will be energetic throughout the entire day, so the extra fat will gradually start to disappear, since it will stop with accumulation. With massaging this particular point you will speed up your metabolism, which contributes to quicker weight loss in all parts of your body. So, in case you need help with some body part where you experience problems or you just want to improve its performance, simply massage the adequate point. What is even better is that these ancient techniques can help you lose stubborn extra weight on your belly too. By putting pressure on these four specific points, you will eliminate weight and get the ideal body.
Acupressure on these four points can result in boosted energy levels; speed up metabolism, removal of extra fat and stopping the formation of fat layers.
In case you focus on massaging this point, you will be able to control your appetite and soothe anxiety. By massaging this point, you will be able to decrease unwanted high body temperature and you will also support the proper functioning of your digestive system. Perform circular movements in this area nine times on the left and nine times on the right leg.
In addition, don’t be afraid if you start feeling pain or uneasiness when you are performing this massage because this is normal.
If you massage the point found on the ear, you will be able to accelerate the metabolism which will ultimately help you get rid of the extra pounds you have.
MOST VIEWED on FacebookBalloon Sinuplasty for Sinus InfectionCheck out how surgeons deal with sinus infection. Press These 4 Points On Your Body To Accelerate Your Metabolism and Lose Weight FastHealth & Weight Loss Done! People have used acupressure and acupuncture as alternative ways of their health problems and reduce signs of some diseases for thousands of years ago. You can prevent fat deposits, eliminate excess fat, accelerate metabolism and increase energy levels by massaging these particular points. You will stimulate the function of your intestines and eliminate high body heat by massaging this point. This point will reduce and prevent inflammatory processes and is extremely beneficial for boosting digestion. Make Your Feet Look Perfect Without Spending Money On Pedicure – 2 Ingredient Recipe Will DO Wonders to Your Feet!
You have probably undergone many workout routines and strict dietary regiments to lose some weight, but have you heard that you can lose your extra pounds if you just consume certain spices? People should realize that they won’t lose weight faster if they just cut some food out of their diet.

After 90 days of this diet regime, the group which received yogurt with cumin powder lost a total of 14 pounds, and lost 14.64% more fat than the other group. The benefits of cumin come from the chemical compounds called phytosterols, which prevent accumulation of cholesterol in the body. Therefore, if you want to lose some extra pounds, we highly recommend consuming this spice. Eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day helps you feel full, which also reduces any urge to overeat.
It can be difficult to eat a healthy diet after feasting on fast food, sweets and junk food for many years. Grab an apple instead of a candy bar a few times per week to take in fewer calories and increase weight loss.
About The Author:A Kelli Cooper has been writing about all aspects of health for several years. EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control RTD, French Vanilla, 24 Shakes Staying Sunny With Shorter Days There Is No Disease, Only Corrective Measures To Keep You Alive The Concept of Qi in Chinese Medicine Vitamin C increases antibody activity and infection resistance Histamine and eating behavior He just…died. That is to say, every single body organ is related to a point on the body, by the energy channels in it.
You should massage it with smooth and continuous pressure on the ear with your thumb for three minutes, three times in one day,. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. They’ve used them to heal different health problems and soothe the pain and symptoms of some illnesses. To put it in simple words, every organ in our body is linked to specific point on our body.
Keep in mind that this point is very important because all the energy lines pass exactly through this point. If you are dealing with extra weight, massaging this point on a regular basis can help you lose one or more pounds in seven days.
If you are doing this right, you will notice a small dent between the bones right between the ring finger and the little finger. Massage this point slowly and carefully and keep the pressure on your ear with the help of the thumb. You need to massage the point on the body which is related to it, if you need to cure certain organ in the body or improve its function. You will burn the fat and get the body you have always dreamed of by applying pressure on the following 4 points. This is actually the point where all the body energy passes through it and is extremely important.
It is also known as Zu San Li or point “point of longevity” or “the point of hundred diseases”.
Not only that spices will help you lose weight, but they will also enhance your overall health.

As you take in food your body burns calories to assimilate the food, promoting weight loss. Complex carbohydrates provide you with energy and can help prevent insulin spikes which lead to weight gain.Try to eat a protein source with at least 3 meals per day to maintain your muscle mass. It is not difficult to locate this point because it is situated right between the upper lip and the nose. Massaging this point brings many health benefits because besides improving digestion, it also helps people prevent and decrease inflammatory processes. Ita€™s virtually impossible to lose weight and keep it off without making slow, steady and long term changes to your eating habits. At best, eating 3 meals spaced out over 6 to 8 hours keeps your metabolism steady, and this is not conducive to weight loss. Snack meals might include a piece of fruit.This tip alone will change your eating habits for good. Consume complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, fresh fruits and vegetables.Lean proteins help you feel full and also feed your muscles much needed amino acids. Maintaining a high muscle mass to bodyweight ratio can boost your metabolism quickly, promoting weight loss. Slowly cut back on soda, replacing the sugary, empty-calorie beverage with water for some meals. You might lose a great amount of weight within the first few weeks of dieting due to water weight loss or a long-awaited diet campaign but slow and steady wins the weight loss race.Remember why you are losing weight. A frequent contributor to this blog as well as many other health blogs, Kelli particularly enjoys writing about healthy weight loss and dieting tips.
But, keep in mind that you should avoid practicing this massage before bedtime because it can stimulate your brain and you won’t be able to fall asleep.
There’s much more efficient and easier method to lose weight, and we should always try to properly combine natural ingredients that will improve our metabolism and accelerate the weight loss process.One Iranian study conducted by University of Medical Sciences’ researchers was extremely helpful in the mission of weight loss.
Aminos can help you power through your calorie-burning workouts on the track or in the weight room.
The study involved 44 overweight women who followed a healthy diet, with a daily intake of 500 calories for a period of 90 days.
They were divided in two groups: one was given a breakfast consisted of yogurt and cumin powder, and the other received only yoghurt. Instead of seeking out gut-busting entrees you will be happy to eat a lighter, healthier meal.

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