We are a couple weeks into our Six Week Body Transformation contest and our clients are getting great results already. If you check out one of my previous posts you will see a very simple and powerful question to ask yourself. At first people thought that eating the right foods should be enough to build the body they want, and it can definitely move things in the right direction in the long run. Now that we have worked with our clients (in a manner similar to our Healthy Body Formula program) they are learning some of the changes that they need to make to start burning body fat.

Although fat loss can become complicated as a result of macronutrient partitioning, carbohydrate cycling, nutrient timing, HIIT vs aerobic cardio training, etc, the overall most important lesson is to keep a calorie deficit by eating the right amounts of the right foods.
If you feel that you could see better results if you just knew the right way to eat you might be a good candidate for our Health Body Formula. One of the important differences that everyone is learning is that it takes effort to lose fat and that eating healthy is vitally important, but still may not be enough to trigger fat loss at the rate they expected. We work closely with our clients and are accepting a few new clients into the program right now.

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