Diet Center offers a complete line of diet products designed to enhance each dieter's weight loss experience. All Diet Center programs are supported by our exclusive, specially-formulated Diet Center Chewable Supplements.
This line includes powerful products based on the concepts of thermogenesis and fat burning. Clients need to maintain optimum levels of vitamins and minerals while dieting to sustain good health and nutrition. Diet Center understands that even the most dedicated dieter craves something sweet or crunchy occasionally. New product innovation is part of what keeps Diet Center at the forefront of the professional weight loss industry.
From inception to launch, each new product and program is subjected to rigorous testing, nutritional analysis, taste tests, and quality assurance.
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Disclaimer: Please be advised that supplements complement a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating and physical activity.
From our exclusive Diet Center chewable supplement to our fat burning Thermogenic line to the meal replacement products that have been specially formulated for our Instant Shape Up and DIETFAST programs, Diet Center is focused on providing products that support the effectiveness of our weight loss programs. These special diet supplements help make losing weight easier, help curb hunger by stabilizing blood sugar levels, have ingredients to help metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates and deliver energizing B vitamins. All are designed to help suppress the appetite and enhance the body's natural ability to burn fat. Diet Center offers a complete line of vitamin and mineral supplements that clients can purchase. That's why we've developed a line of nutritional snacks, snack bars and refreshing drinks that are low in calories and carbs without compromising taste!
Our team of product development professionals continuously evaluate new products and technology. All are high quality, balanced supplements that will generate additional income for your franchise.

Diet Center snacks, snack bars and refreshing fiber drinks give dieters a choice of snacks that help take the edge off hunger, satisfy cravings and help maintain weight loss goals. We take a comprehensive approach to product research and development by working closely with our manufacturers to ensure that each and every product or program we offer meets our high standards.
In addition, always check with your general practitioner before starting any supplements as they may interact with certain medications or may not be suitable for individuals with certain conditions. These innovative products work together to provide maximum fat burning capability to enhance clients' weight loss and weight management program success.

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