Josh AxeStart HereShop for Health Products15 Ultimate Fat-Burning Foods Affiliate Disclosure 0 Comments Ask the average person about her personal goals, and all too often, there’s one common thread: losing weight.
While the reasons are often superficial (after all, who doesn’t want to look good in their swimsuit or summer attire?), the reality is that the benefits of losing weight go far beyond what’s reflected in the mirror — and fat-burning foods can help you get there.Chowing down on fat-burning foods can help you drop pounds and potentially reverse diabetes.
Introducing more fat-burning foods can also boost energy levels and help you feel better about yourself all around.If you’re eager to add more fat-burning foods into your diet, lose weight and feel great, try 15 of my favorites!Top 15 Fat-Burning Foods1.
Apple Cider Vinegar:This pantry staple can actually help you lose weight by reducing sugar cravings. Additionally, it works as a natural way to detox your body and balance your stomach’s pH. Because the substance is highly acidic, try adding a tablespoon or two to a glass of water before drinking.
While our ancestors ate bone broth regularly, since they wasted no part of an animal’s body, it’s no longer as common in our daily diet.
Cayenne pepper increases your body’s ability to burn fat and swap it for energy, just what you want when trying to shed those extra pounds. Cayenne pepper also increases your body’s metabolism, helping you lose fat faster and more easily. Not only does consuming chia seeds increase energy and give you more endurance power (you’ll get that workout in after a long day!), but because it absorbs so much of its own weight in water, the seed also helps slow your body’s digestion.

Just three ounces of chicken — about the size of a deck of cards — provides about 37 percent of your body’s daily value for protein. This nutrient helps keep our bodies energized, our muscles looking sculpted and our bellies feeling satiated. It can help decrease both body weight and body fat while keeping your thyroid running smoothly.
The benefits your body gets for the amount of calories contained in these vegetables means you’re getting more bang for your nutritional buck.
And, thanks to the medium-chain fatty acids it contains, ghee can actually help your body burn other fats. Grapefruit is just as delicious, and luckily for us, it’s a major fat-burning food as well. Try adding a slice of grapefruit to boost your breakfast or squeezing the fresh juice into a glass of water. Instead, “you are what you eat” is an adage that rings especially true with grass-fed beef. Skipping the lower-quality versions and splurging on quality beef means you’ll be nourishing your body with one of the highest sources of protein, helping to encourage weight loss. You’ll reduce bad cholesterol levels, thanks in part to the lower fat content found in grass-fed beef.

These fat-burning foods help keep muscles functioning properly and burning calories long after a workout (3).
Plus, it helps your body repair more quickly after high-intensity workouts like burst training. It’s also packed with probiotics, the (good!) bacteria aiding your body in fighting infections. Probiotics are also good news for those trying to lose weight — eating them is associated with weight loss. Because it contains a flavonoids and phytochemicals that can help drop pounds and boost metabolism, it’s become one of my ultimate fat-burning foods. I love adding it to this Thin Mint Protein Smoothie for a post-workout treat.READ NEXT: 49 Ways to Lose Weight Fast!
I’ve already begun using many of these and plan on adding most of them to my rotation. Is this just a preference, or is there a health reason not to roast the bones before making a broth out of them?

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