Obsahuje rastlinne extrakty Citrusu aurantium (zdroj synefrinu) a Garcinie Cambogie (zdroj HCA – hydroxycitronovej kyseliny) latok, ktore urychluju proces latkovej vymeny a podporuju rast svalovej hmoty. Fat Burner Thermogenic is a fat loss aid, appetite surpressor and energy increaser for use in weight loss alongside a calorie controlled diet.

Aminostar? Fat Burner Thermogenic is a specially created, highly effective combination of thermogenic fat burning substances, such as Synephrine (natural form of ephedrine) and the effective fat eliminators (HCA, L-Carnitine, Taurine, Cr3+) supporting fat burning - weight reduction processes, internal thermogenesis and energetic stimulation.
Aminostar? Fat Burner Thermogenic contains the plant extracts of Citrus Aurantium (source of Synephrine), Garcinia Cambogia (Source of HCA ? Hydroxy citric acid), which support body metabolism and growth of muscular mass.

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