Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner is a dietary supplement created to help people to lose weight and get more energy. The main ingredients in Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner is 400 milligrams of Green Tea Extract and 160 milligrams of caffeine. Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner is said to increase a person’s metabolism and thereby help them to burn more calorie easier and lose weight, along with getting more energy.
In addition, the Schisandra ingredient is said to be have a calming effect, and the Yerba Mate is another stimulant and works similar to the caffeine in that it stimulates and aids in the fat burning process. Common side effects of the dietary Supplement Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner are a jittery feeling, along with upset stomach and a loss of appetite. This fat burner has several advantages, including that green tea has been proven to be a substance that can help in weight loss, and that caffeine has been proven to be able to boost the metabolism.

The fact that it is made with liquid soft gels instead of regular hard tablet form means that it can get into the user’s system quicker and so it works faster. In addition, it contains a vitality boost mixture made up of holy basil extract, as well as eleuthero powder, yerba mate powder, and schisandra powder along with Asian ginseng root.
The antioxidant ingredients are also said to help ward off damages caused by free radicals in the body which rise as a person loses weight.
Therefore it works well to kick-start a user’s ability to burn fat and calories, and it has thermogenic abilities which can also boost the metabolism, as well as oxidize fats and give users more energy.
This product also contains a mixture meant to be an antioxidant boost made up of bilberry powder, and fruit from blueberry extract, pomegranate fruit powder and grape skin extract, along with European Elder powder. The holy basil is said to aid in controlling appetite by controlling levels of blood sugar.

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The vitality boost mixture and the antioxidant mixture are both special proprietary blends developed by the manufacturer.

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