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In modern society, people often rush to fastfood restaurants and then cope with overweight, heart disease and health-related problems. Most people are doubtful about the fact that wine would lower blood pressure; however, it is an undeniable fact. The “low fat” or “'fat free” food does not always mean calorie free but is often made with sugar, carbs or salt to ensure the flavor.
Many people look at labels on a product to see the calories count before they buy them to eat. All those little cookie wafers will last longer, but in the end, they have just as much sugar, and about as many calories as two regular (and much better tasting) Chips Ahoy cookies.

These cute little bite-size cupcakes are about equivalent to a half of a regular cupcake, in terms of sugar and calories. That's a pretty average amount of sugar for two cookies, and that's the same amount of calories you'd get in two regular Oreos. These stats seem less impressive when you realize that this is only one not very substantial cookie. Another case where the low fat version has almost as many calories as the original, and the same amount of sugar.
While one serving (one tablespoon) contains a negligible amount of trans fat, if a person has more than that they will be consuming more trans fats.Other ingredients that are often hiding in 'healthy' foods are high fructose corn syrup, sodium and nitrates. Here are top ten myths about food, health and diet which can dominate people's eating habits.

Red wine contains of resveratrol which is proved to prevent blood clots and reduce bad cholesterol in our bodies.
In this case, the fat reduction actually did make a significant impact on the calorie count. However, a study of the Australian Heart Foundation says that red wine is not a very good source of resveratrol antioxidants for preventing heart disease.
Many cans and containers of food, like ice-cream, may write the calories count per servings.

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