WHOA!!!  That was relieving, but what a nasty mess!  I was close to puking as I hauled the soiled sheets to the bathtub and washing machine, and I couldn’t bear to allow Nan anywhere near the project. When she introduced me to a nurse I asked if they had somewhere I could lie down.  Finally the nurse kicked people into overdrive and they wheeled in a hospital bed for me on the spot.  Thank you! I spent the next three hours in the ER getting filled up with two liters of IV liquid and pumped full of some kind of powerful pain killer.  It knocked me out for a solid 90 minutes and WOW, what a relief! I kept hoping this latest attempt at a solution would work.  This time the increased steroids and the new drug should definitely be the ticket!  This had to work.   In combination with the new diet, certainly I’m going to start pulling out of this! Nan kept telling me that stressing too much about the food I ate could itself be exacerbating my problems.  I sensed she was right, but I didn’t know how to back off, I needed a solution!  So daily I sent Nan off to the grocery store for some new food item from the ‘legal’ list to try out, which amplified a stressful situation.

You can imagine how much this drained Nan, especially when added to the constant needs of our now two month old daughter, and our other three kids.  Already beyond maxing out her capabilities, the kids grew whinier and needier daily as they received little attention from either of us.
Some people are very serious, so much so that maybe there are some secret serious pills they are taking? Seriousness is a block to the inner worlds, it is a sign one is too concerned with the illusions and forms in the external.
In many tribes, if one is ill, the medicine man will often ask if one has danced, sung, or laughed recently – how many serious people you know that dance, sing, or laugh often?
Looking good, Vanessa!Going to give it a try, Lord knows I haven’t had much success with others.

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