I know you want to lose a few pounds or more but you don’t know what is the best workout or diet to lose weight?!  Right?
Fitness Forward Studio strives to be the “all in one” studio offering everything in one studio that every individual needs to reach peak performance in life and sports. How to become a fat burning machineSubmit your details and download the 30 minute "How to become a fat burning machine" powerpoint presentation. The foods we eat have different effects on our hormones, which determine whether we store or burn body fat. Big Johnny starts off his day with a double chocolate chip muffin and a caramel latte from Starbucks. For an overweight, sedentary person, their muscle cells don’t need the energy, they are not exercising so their energy stores in their muscles (glycogen) are already full. As I mentioned earlier, carbohydrates, proteins and fats affect our bodies differently, therefore different foods we eat, have different effects on our hormones, particularly insulin and glucagon.
Insulin and glucagon work synergistically, meaning when one goes up, the other goes down and vice versa, determining whether the body burns or stores body fat.
When our blood sugar levels are low and we need more energy, if food is unavailable, glucagon is released from the pancreas. I can’t emphasise the importance of getting enough healthy fats in your diet, particularly if you are trying to lose weight.

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The secret to achieving good health and your ideal body weight is to gain a better understanding of how your metabolism works and how you can make it work for you, instead of against you. Insulin is then released by his pancreas to transport the blood sugar to his muscles, providing him with a burst of energy. However, for a person with a poor diet, living a sedentary lifestyle full of stress and exhaustion, their metabolism can be affected dramatically, causing their body to go into fat storage mode. Instead, the insulin transports the sugar to the fat cells, who welcome the excess sugar with open arms, resulting in weight gain. Insulin cannot deliver the excess blood sugar to the muscles OR the fat cells and so dumps it back into the bloodstream. Not only will the sugar cravings go away, you will also have more energy for your workouts and the nourishment your body needs to restore itself to it’s optimum body weight. He then burns off the energy and his blood sugar levels return to normal, and he starts to get hungry again. Typically, this person relies on caffeine, sugar and processed carbohydrates for an instant energy hit, just to get them through the day. This causes a person to become hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) and becomes problematic as it effectively closes the doors to the fat cells, and they won’t burn body fat until their insulin levels drop back down.

When they are eaten, blood glucose levels spike and insulin is released to bring it back down. When we eat good fats like coconut oil, olive oil, nuts and good quality organic butter, our blood sugar levels aren’t affected, we have sustained energy and the release of glucagon causes our body to burn its own energy stores. They will continue to gain weight and increase their risk of type II diabetes and other chronic diseases. This is why we may get hungry at 11am after we have eaten a bowl of cereal and sugar for breakfast, we get a surge of energy, but within a couple of hours, we crash and feel hungry again. Fat burning will not take place when insulin levels are high. It takes the body a long period of time to digest and helps the body build lean muscle mass, heal itself and is an essential macro nutrient as part of a healthy diet.
If you are on a low-fat diet trying to lose weight, chances are you are constantly hungry, fighting the willpower to resist the 3pm chocolate fix, and still wondering why you aren’t losing weight.
When we eat a high carbohydrate meal, our blood sugar levels are high, therefore insulin levels are high, and the fat burning switch is turned off because glucagon levels are suppressed. This is all to do with unbalanced hormones wrecking havoc on your body because of the foods you are eating.

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