Yoga karne se naa keval aapka vajan kam hota hai balki aapke sharir se kai bimariya bhi dur hoti hai. Baddha Konasana unn logo ke liye uttam aasan hai jinhe apne jangho ki charbi ko kam karna hai. Uske baad dono pairo ke talwo ko ek dusre se milaye, jis rarah hath jodne par aakriti banti hai.
Aesa karne se aapke sharir mai lachilapan aata hai aur aapke jangho ki charbi kam hoti hai. Yeh sabse jyada kiya jana wala aasan hai. Anulom Vilom Pranayam ko karne se sharir mai rakt ka sanchar thik rehta hai, jisse pet ki charbi nahi badti. Ab dhire se apne baye hatho ke anghute se bai aur ke naak ke chidra ko band kare aur daye aur se gehari saas le.
Ab usi hath ke ungaliyo se daye naak ke chidra ko band kare aur baye wale chidra se saans ko chhode.
Ise karne ke liye ghutane ke bal jamin par baith jaye, jisse sharir ka sara bhar aediyo par ho.
Aesa ek minute clockwise direction mai karne fir agle minute anti clock wise direction mai kare. Agar aap majbut irado ke sath upar diye gaye yoga aasano ko karenge to aapko vajan ghatane mai jarur safalta milegi. To gain weight people often opt for random, unhealthy things to eat or medicines that promise to help gain weight within two weeks. This hatha yoga posture strengthens and tones abdominal and back muscles, helping your body to have the muscle strength to gain weight. This asana is beneficial for those who suffer from hyperthyroidism and have very high metabolic rates. Jake Wayne has written professionally for more than 12 years, including assignments in business writing, national magazines and book-length projects. Yoga, like many other exercise programs from Asia, can incorporate lifestyle and even religious overtones into its general practice.

Har kisi ke man mai yahi dar hai ki kahi uska yeh badhta vajan uski khubsoorti na chhin le.
Vajan kam karne mai tabhi safalta hasil ki ja sakti hai, jab aap bina niras hue lagatar mehnat karte jaye. Dhyan rakhe yadi inn vyayamo ko karte wakt aapko sharir mai kahi bhi asahniya dard ho to ise bilkul naa kare. Being a staunch advocate of health and fitness in India, he has made noticeable contribution to the field of yoga and yoga therapy. Yoga is a much safer option and Ramdev baba’s yoga has shown and proven to have visible results on your body.
To perform this asana, lie on your stomach on a yoga mat with your hands stretched above your head and shoulder. This asana helps to improve the working of the thyroid gland and regulates body fluids which help you to gain weight.
He has a psychology degree from the University of Oregon and black belts in three martial arts. Since the 1960s, he was worked to popularize his vision of yogic tradition in India and the rest of the world. A resistance exercise builds muscle, as opposed to raising the heart rate like a cardiovascular exercise. Some specific principles include eating only twice daily, living actively, meditating, exercising and avoiding television and video games. His advice boils down to avoiding sugars, exercising regularly and being mindful of lifestyle choices. Swami Ramdev ji aese vyakti hai jinhone bharat mai yog aasano ka prachar prasar kiya aur unhe aage badaya hai. Aur yadi aapko uccha raktchaap ya ghutne mai dard jaisi samasya ho to kisi bhi yog sikshak ki salah liye bina ise naa kare.
He organizes yoga camps throughout the country so that people come to know the benefits and can create awareness about this powerful form and way of lifestyle.

Based in India, Ramdev teaches more than 20 million followers via television, video disk and the Internet.
He recommends eating basic, natural foods free of the refined grains and processed sugars that make gaining weight easy.
Though none of these recommendations is profoundly new, they are congruent with modern understanding of weight-loss techniques. Oregon-based fitness coach Ben Cohn says that synopsis matches his own programs, and those of many of his colleagues. In his teachings, he applies the austere yoga tradition to gain health, live simply and lose weight. Phillips also notes that it will firm up your muscles beneath the fat, firming up the frame and creating an initial illusion of weight loss. A Ramdev diet consists of fruits and vegetables, both high in nutrition compared with their caloric counts. To aaiye jane Ramdev Baba Yoga for Weight Loss, jiski madad se aap aasani se apna vajan kam kar sakte hai. In terms of weight loss, his teachings are congruent with more traditional diet and exercise programs.
He's also virulently against soda -- an attitude that matches that of Harvard nutritionist Walter Willett.
Yoga can heal old injuries and other problems while people also practice yoga to build endurance and agility.

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