LADY Penelope, the first 747-400 series jumbo jet to enter service with Virgin Atlantic back in 1994, has been put up for sale on eBay. THE body of a perfectly preserved girl, who had lain inside a tiny coffin for more than a century, has been discovered by builders under a home in the US.
THE aunt of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been discovered living in New York after defecting from the communist state in 1998.
A SLOVAKIAN swimwear model has been found guilty of murdering her businessman boyfriend, despite her claims she acted in self-defence.

DEFEATED, deflated and increasingly desperate, the dwindling number of Republicans who still oppose Donald Trump have turned to one man. A WORLD War II submarine which lay at the bottom of the ocean for more than 70 years has been found off the coast of Sardinia with 71 bodies inside.
TWO morbidly obese Colombian babies, who weigh a dangerously unhealthy 41 kilograms combined, have come together to lose weight — and live longer. Santiago Mendoza and new diet pal Isabela Caicedo meet as a Colombian charity brings them together in a bid to cure their insatiable appetites.

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