Your browser is severely outdated Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. Made to heighten heart rates and torch calories, Jillian’s 45-minute workout begins with a warm up, which is then followed by seven 5-minute circuits and a cool down.
JM incorporates a little bit of everything to work the arms, chest, back, stomach and legs, alternating kickboxing with old-school calisthenics, and cardio with core. I really start to feel the burn (and doubt my commitment to Sparkle Motion) around the fifth circuit, but Jillian is there with the tough love to urge you ever onward.
If you like working out at home and want to burn some serious calories, give Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism a try. The first time I pushed play on your Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD ($10), I came this close to a full-on bakery breakdown.

I think I have reasonably strong legs from running and dancing, and decent upper body strength, but I’ve been neglecting my core for years (I HATE sit-ups and crunches). I’d been using her 30 Day Shred DVD for a while, so I thought I knew what to expect from this one. With Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism, Jillian takes workouts to the next level — one where I want to curl up into a ball and cry, LOL! Best of all with a DVD, since you’re in charge of the remote, you only have to complete as much of the workout as you can. By no means do I feel ready to don a bikini and heels for a rap video (dare to dream!), but I do feel a little less sausage-y around my mid-section, for sure.
I always like to try new workouts so I’ve got both No More Trouble Zones and Yoga Meltdown on my list next.

One of my resolutions is to add more variety to my workouts (I am a cardio queen) and so far I keep defaulting back to a run or the eliptical. Everyday I strive to find balance in my life through fitness, healthy eating, occasional indulgences and generally enjoying all life has to offer. If you’re tapped or pressed for time, you can just skip ahead to the circuits you really want to cover.
And by the end of the workout, I’m dripping in sweat and panting like a background singer in a dirty Prince tune.

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