I also didn’t have the most realistic expectations after having a baby, thanks to celebrities like Gisele. They are just awkwardly tucked to show my stomach since when zipped and buttoned they are high-waisted and super comfy. I’m sure there are many women who put in a lot of effort into getting back into shape, but I believe they are in the minority.
I can shape the extra skin on my stomach into a butt shape and it freaks my husband out so much for some reason. You know I get what these shots are trying to do, but it’s not a great representation of all women. I snapped back within 5 months and only have a smidge of loose skin and no stretch marks (yet I do have a big ugly c section scar).
I didn’t have the same results as the women above either, just a few stretch marks and not too much of a belly four years later.
Thank you for mentioning that- I was getting a little worried that the stretch marks were an ultra common thing! Sadly she got a lot of stink eye cos people seemed to think she was bullshitting cos she managed to snap back to a size 10 within a few weeks. I’ve talked before about how I personally did not love being pregnant, and part of the reason was because I felt so out of control of my body. I figured that breastfeeding would magically melt all the fat away, but it took me more than six months to get back to a comfortable weight. The vast majority of us are not going to look like a supermodel the moment after popping out a kid.

I don’t get why people try to squeeze back into old pants instead of just going up a size! I have a few stretch marks that have mostly faded, and a little extra skin and fat on my tummy but that’s pretty much it. But kinda think that makes these women pretty brave for showing off what a lot of society tries to pretend doesn’t exist. I’ve known people who bounce right back and some who get the really prominent marks after. After my first baby my stomach seemed to bounce back in months – but # 2 has been a little different. I was a marathon runner and strength trained before I was pregnant and started exercising again at six weeks PP (after post c-section clearance and several months basically sitting idle due to placenta previa and mandated bed rest).
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I’ve struggled with an eating disorder in the past and feel fairly balanced about it today. This is not in any way intended to be a humble brag because I know all women are different.
You’ll probably be left with a sad, floppy stomach that you will try to hide for the next year at a minimum. I have a lot of tattoos but if I could magically remove any it would be these two because I was not in the right frame of mind when I got these.
I wasn’t exactly skinny when I got pregnant, but not obese, either, just plus-size (16).

I just went through my first pregnancy and fully expected to have a few stretch marks at the end, but I didn’t get a single one and was back to my pre-pregnancy size after about 5 months. I did get quite a bit bigger with her during pregnancy than with the others despite gaining a similar amount of weight and her having a birth weight that was less than #1′s.
But still—being forced to gain a minimum of 30 pounds (37, to be exact) ramped up my anxiety. I’ve beat myself up that my daughter, the youngest is 9 months and my belly still looks like it does. I also used an abominal binder to help support my back while I regained strength in my abs. Then again, my mother was exactly the same and was actually smaller after having 3 kids than she was before starting her family. I’m getting less and less upset by that fact though, the more articles like this I see, and the more people like you who own up to it on the internet. I gained 35 lbs, but gained it slowly, and don’t have any stretch marks or loose skin.
I try to do some things and I used to work out a lot, but that’s just no longer a huge priority for me, my family is. It makes me feel bad for people who really try, or end up feeling unhappy with their bodies.

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