These were the two products I was most curious to try as I was skeptical about whether or not they would actually work.
After having two babies 19 months apart and at 3 months postpartum my tummy is in need of some TLC!
I don't know if these are necessarily a very summery recipe, however I was craving some Snickers Cupcakes so here they are! I had a big bowl of Oat So Simple porridge (the original kind) with almond milk, strawberries, blueberries and a tablespoon of organic manuka honey.
In the afternoon I snacked on two rice-cakes with almond butter (my first time trying it!). Watch my favourites video, featuring a surprise appearance from Jonathan and lots of gurgling from Eduardo here! This week I thought I would give you guys a little update on my belly at 5 months postpartum.
As you probably already know, I gained a total of 24lbs while pregnant and if I remember correctly it took about 2 - 2.5 months to lose it. The Belly Bandit is also supposed to be good for C-section recovery and good posture while breastfeeding, although I will be the first to admit that I bought it purely for vanity reasons! The size I got was XS but I recommend either you check out the Belly Bandit's sizing videos or get fitted professionally like I was. Anonymous18 February 2013 at 17:19I think this was definatley worth every penny , Anna you look amazing love the hair!

If you'd like to listen to me ramble on about body confidence & my new little "personal trainer" then this one's for you! They claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite in 10 days so I diligently used them day & night for the required time. So I have been slathering on Nivea Body Oil day and night in an attempt to fade the stretch marks around my bellybutton & improve my skin's elasticity. I apply this to the areas which need it most - for me that would be my feet, elbows & knees.
Let me know what you think and if you have tried them before, or if they are something you would be interested in! All she wanted to do was sneak little bits of cupcake batter into her mouth when I wasn't looking!
I did lose more weight this month due to exclusively breastfeeding which I wasn't happy with, so I slowly tried to gain it back as I feel I'm my healthiest around the 115lb mark. I use this on my arms, legs & back after showering and it gives my skin a tight, firm feeling without being overly greasy or slippery!
I use it both day & night all over my belly and although it's nowhere near perfect, flat or jiggle-free, my stretch marks have faded a lot!
Nivea have a guide at the back of their products which tells you exactly how much moisture it will give you, from light to rich. I got this bread fresh from the bakery and it's so good but the breadrolls are pretty huge!

Granted, nothing like what a bit of strength training & exercise would have done but my legs & bum definitely felt firmer and even Jonathan said he could tell a difference! This makes it easy when deciding what to get in terms of what the different areas of your body needs! I use the gel-cream in the mornings after my shower all over my thighs and bum and the more concentrated serum on the same areas at night.
I don't have a problem with it staining my clothes provided I wait a little while before getting dressed! The only reason I prefer to do this is because the serum takes a bit longer to absorb into my skin so I don't like the feel of that under jeans or leggings. I never had a belly bandit but next time il definitely have to look into getting one they sound brilliant. I think it's wonderful that you do things to improve your body while accepting that natural changes like the belly button. I found I felt bit jiggly and empty after having my daughter the bandit makes you feel secure!

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