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I kept getting gel nails only to realize that I should probably not soak them in acetone to remove them.
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So I tried to find out how to make them at home and it turns out it's some crazy flash fried technology only available in labs (or something like that…I'm being sarcastic about the lab part). I passed my 3 hour glucose test but it was confirmed that I am, indeed, hypoglycemic and the Dr.

I've really gained quite a bit of weight in my upper body - my back and arms, which is where I always gain and it makes me feel HUGE on top. I am 16 weeks and mine just looks normal in the morning and then like a HUGE not-cute pot belly at night! That candle holder is so pretty.ReplyDeletea boy a girl and a pugFebruary 5, 2013 at 2:51 PMyou look fantastic!!

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