Besides trim shakes and exercise, is there anything else I can do to lose that ugly belly fat? The author of this video explores many different ways and foods you can eat to lose that ugly fat. Jim & Susan are health and wellness coaches dedicated to assisting you in living a happier, healthier life and discovering the many benefits of essential oils. There are so many people who try to lose weight by taking a bunch of medicine or starving themselves which is not only unhealthy, but also not an efficient way to control your weight. Here are some of the foods which help you get rid of lower belly fat.A fat belly causes a number of health problems in addition to adding a blemish to your profile. Why not use food to help you lose weight and when combined with trim shakes and exercise then you have great momentum behind you and that weight will just come off.
You just have to remember that to eat unprocessed natural foods which are the foods that your body understands how to use them perfectly. One of them is the fat that is present around different organs and is called visceral fat, whereas the other type of fat is the one that makes your belly bulge outwards, which is called subcutaneous fat.

There are various types of foods to eat to lose belly fat that are both nutritious and taste good. Eating certain types of foods that target different areas keep the body running efficiently promoting weight loss and belly fat to dissipate. And thanks to their dark color, black beans are also one of the highest in flavonoids of all the beans. WaterDrinking plenty of water every day will help you get rid of your lower belly fat in no time.
The toxins in your body will be flushed out and your metabolism will be boosted if you drink water after regular intervals.HerbsYou have to start avoiding sodium as it causes water retention in the body. Control your salt intake by using other herbs and spices to flavour your food instead of salt.NutsYou need to eat fat in order to lose fat. Increase your intake of nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts etc as they contain healthy fats which are necessary for your body.Lemon JuiceOne of the best ways to get rid of lower belly fat is to drink lemon juice every morning. This is an excellent way to get rid of that paunch.BerriesSugarĀ is the enemy which causes fat deposits on your body.

You should avoid sugar, as well as artificial sweeteners which contain harmful preservatives.
Berries like strawberries, cherries and blueberries are a healthy alternative to sugary desserts.Foods with PotassiumA major portion of the belly bulge is contributed by water weight.
A main reason for gaining water weight is the intake of sodium salt, which causes water to be outside the cells. Studies have shown that caffeine can stimulate your body to burn fat faster, reduce cravings, and naturally boost energy levels. EGCG is an antioxidant polyphenol that causes your central nervous system to speed up the rate of fat metabolism.
Researchers have found that taking a combination of caffeine and 90-mg of EGCG three times a day can help people burn an extra 80 calories a day.BerriesSugar is the enemy which causes fat deposits on your body.

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