Belly Buster, one of the worst monster foes Kirby ever had to face, comes in two forms; a living waffle, and a giant stomach. When Kirby, Dedede, and Escargoon were devoured by Belly Buster's true form, Dedede discovered a way that all three could escape from inside Belly Buster, and he and Escargoon got Kirby to eat one of their bombs, and he became Bomb Kirby and exploded Belly Buster from the inside, destroying it and getting himself, the King and Goonie out of the monster. You'll be the first to hear about new products, tips for healthy living, great promotions and timely industry news!

It has five arms (each with a frying pan in it), and on its face is what looks like the big fat lips of a woman. Belly Buster is able to fling the pies from its frying pans at its enemies in order to attack them. Dedede and Escargoon once declared that Belly Buster must have made the pies in a barber shop and that they tasted like shaving cream except worse.

When Belly Buster's pies are insulted enough, it will get angry, attack its true target, and show its true form; a giant stomach, and then devour its true target.

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