Devised by Karlene Karst, RD, specialist in natural medicine and nutrition, The Belly Fat Diet seeks to rid you from all the problems showing up in your body due to belly fat. Belly fat actually is foe of a healthy body because it makes suffer from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and several other ailments.
In addition to them, wrong eating habits which include consumption of processed foods, beverages, exceedingly high consumption of salty and sugary foods cause elevated formation of fats, which get piled up around your hips, arms, belly, and thighs. Since major portion of flab in your body occurs due to unhealthy food intake, you inevitably can attain flat stomach if you work on your eating habits and swap unhealthy foods with healthy ones. For instance, insulin resistance which occurs due to imbalance in the release of hormones in your body is the main culprit accountable for belly fat. Unlike carbs, proteins and fats don’t cause any rise in insulin level, so you can freely incorporate them in your meals. Include organic and natural foods such as fruits and vegetables in your routine diet regime. Forbid addiction causing foods and beverages such as caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, coffee etc. Along-with healthy food regime, you should also abide by healthy lifestyle, so that you don’t get unwanted flab.
Besides toning and burning fats from various parts of your body, exercises also maintain adequate balance in the release of hormones, strengthen your bones, multiply your muscle mass, and thus bestow you perfectly healthy and enviable body. It’s likely that if you do drop 15 lbs in 32 days, you are generally dropping water weight, which you may restore. Cooking and shopping: The belly fat diet plan includes recipes, suggestions for snacks, and tips for buying fast food. Low- Belly fat diet: This is not a low belly fat diet program, but the type of fat is heart-healthy. With the aid of exercises and nutrient dense diet, the magnificent diet program will strip off fat from your belly.

And the best part is you don’t have to say goodbye to your beloved foods such as ice cream, pizza, burger, chips etc. For keeping check on insulin resistance, you shall feed your body low carb foods having low glycemic index.
Avoid consuming animal foods because they are mostly rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which is unhealthy for your body. Proteins will speed up your metabolism, keep it busy for hours, and thus will keep check on your appetite. High glycemic index foods trigger the release of cortisol hormones which further peps up the formation of visceral fat in your body.
These foods being natural benefactors provide adequate nourishment to your body and improve the functioning of varied body organs. You can also practice lunges and squats because these exercises put stress on your abdomen and torch calories at a very fast pace. But no diet is proven to specifically target that area, and monounsaturated fats don’t have any special impact on belly fat. Burning off 1-2 pounds each week will give you longer to reach your objective, but you’re dropping actual weight.
You’ll still need to eat often including monounsaturated fats, and hit the calorie mark precisely everyday.
From then on, it’s essential to eat 400 calories every 4 hours including monounsaturated fats with every meal. You eat monounsaturated fats at each meal, and you need to watch your portion sizes so you don’t get too lots of calories. Hormonal imbalance, insomnia, sedentary lifestyle, deficiency of healthy fats, poor diet, environmental toxins, genetics etc.
Apart from removing fats from your body, it also keeps your cravings for fat busting foods in control.

Research shows that people consuming Greek yogurt in routine have comparatively less fat around their belly than people not consuming it. By selecting low GI foods such as blueberries, beans, lentils etc., you can both stop visceral fat taking control over your body. Many veggies have antioxidant properties which will also detoxify your body along-with burning fats.
Besides that, these foods cause inflammation and irritation in your gut and damage the protective shield of your gut.
You could save by cutting back on other meals that the diet regime doesn’t emphasize.
Instead of having a cup of coffee or cup of normal tea, you can make healthy beginning of your day by consuming green tea. When your body suffers from the dearth of calcium, it starts releasing fat producing hormones. Strength training such as weight lifting puts accurate pressure on the parts of your body, which tone them and bring them in perfect shapes. Essential fatty acids assist your body both in combating against belly fat and inflammation. Always prefer having your breakfast within one hour of waking up and seldom have your dinner after eight.

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