In order to burn belly fat, you must attack it with a three-pronged approach.* (1) You must adhere to a diet centered on good food choices. Your fat loss goals are more easily achieved when you can naturally increase your metabolism. Jeff Galloway's book, Get Started Running to me, is the absolute best book for someone who wants to begin a quality running program.* It is practical, easy to understand, and is geared for all levels of runners. There is no need you weigh yourself from one day to another when you try to lose weight with running. Popular fitness magazines often affirm that running makes you hungry and that you cannot resist to almost eat whatever is in the fridge after a run. This is pretty ironic because it is a well-known fact that hard running sessions reduce appetite by the suppression of the hunger hormone ghrelin and the increase of the satiety hormone peptide YY. Because your runs are not enough challenging and you never stimulate your organism in a way appetite is suppressed. You should include variety in your practice and stop running endless slow miles for no particular reason. You must bring your homeostasis to another level, you must overreach, challenge yourself one step further of what you are already capable.
If you always run slow miles, it is likely you don’t lose weight, your body has attained a weight loss plateau, and stick to it until you break the rules. Also, executing hard workouts promotes the afterburn effect: you continue to burn calories far long after the run. The first common myth about weight loss is that by cutting calories you’ll lose weight.

By sticking to a regular schedule for your meals, you give your body the opportunity to fine-tune its metabolic mechanisms.
Sticking to a regular schedule also guarantees you never don’t fall too hungry and crave for bad food choices. Energy bars or sports drinks are unhealthy foods by nature (poor nutrient profile and a lot of added sugar).
They are useful to sustain a prolonged effort (>90min) but useless once the workout or the race is over. They have the commodity to be transportable, easily ingested during the effort, and produce few risks of GI distress.
On a certain day, each food you ingest adds value to these two counters; the trick is to balance the ratio between them in the way you obtain a sufficient amount of calories to run at your best while you maximize the nutritional value of each food to stay optimally healthy. The reasons vary, but they usually come down to two main ones (1) a loss of motivation, and (2) injuries.* If you have not been active for quite awhile, you CANNOT just jump into running. In the beginning, you’ll even notice weight gain because of the muscle mass and carbohydrates store increases.
If you want to lose weight with running, you should shock your body more often so that it secretes the chemicals at the origin of weight loss.
You believe that because you run, you can eat whatever you want, including unhealthy and high sugar content foods.
It reappears one or two hours after, and, by experience, with the compensation effect it can be strong.
But that’s not so simple, because cutting calories significates less energy to perform excellent workouts and, as a result, less fire during the run and less after-burn effect.

This is especially true for runners, who need to keep a high level of energy all along the day to correctly train and recover.
Your new set of running muscles is an extra pool of fat burning machines, and you have now established a solid running habit to maintain weight loss. Thus, you trigger an insane behavior of cravings that makes you consume calories-dense but not fulfilling junk foods. In the same way a race car requires good fuel, you should take care of what yo put in your body to optimize your engine and become leaner. Resist to other temptations and let your body deploy a healthy appetite minutes or hours later.
I am also aware of the importance of good nutrition to perform in running, and I know that restricted diets are out of the game there. You can refuel with whole fruits instead, they contain a good amount of sugar (not the refined one) and a far better nutritional value. Let's have a journey together inside this wonderful world of health, fitness and performance. If you have little knowledge in the sports nutrition field, consider learning a bit, there are good resources on the Internet or in the specialized literature. It'll just take some time until you are strong enough.* Stay away from "secret" supplements.

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